Export or Transfer Healthie Account Data

Healthie makes it simple for you to manually export and import/transfer important account data. If you are interested in transferring data to a second Healthie provider account, you can find more information here

Note: We are currently offering export assistance only for paid Healthie memberships.

Exporting or Transferring Client Data 

There may be several reasons that you are looking to export or transfer business and client information from the platform. This may include:

  • You are seeking to run business analyses for your internal use
  • You are submitting information for an insurance billing audit
  • You are looking for a backup of your business and client records
  • You will be cancelling your Healthie subscription
  • You are creating another Healthie provider account, and would like to transfer client data 

Ways to Export Data from Healthie

Healthie makes it easy to pull business and client information from the system. Here is information that can be downloaded from the system:

1. Leverage Healthie Reports

Pull key business and client information by generating valuable reports in your Reporting tab. Particularly, you may want to export the Client List report, which is your list of clients and relevant client information. This report can be imported into another Healthie account if your are transitioning accounts. 

2. Request a File Data Export

Complete this File Data Export Request to receive our standard Zip file. Note: Only Account Owners can request & receive Exports.

3. Download Client Chart Notes or Documents

You can download existing documents or charting notes from your current account Creating PDF of Intake/Charting notes

4. Download Intake Form and Charting Templates

You can download PDFs of Forms that you have created following these instructions

Have a form you'd like to migrate to another Healthie provider account? Share your form with your new provider account email address. Once shared, the forms will be visible to you in your forms library. Editing these forms in your new account will not affect the original form from your first account. 

Download a Summary of Your Client's Logged Entries

If you'd like to download (and share) a complete record of your client's logged journal entries, you have the option to do so within charting. 

Navigate to Client > Charting > Download Client Summary

A PDF will populate in a new browser tab for you to download and save to your local device as needed. 

Notes & FAQs

  • Follow the steps outlined here to import client data into your Healthie provider account (ie. if you are creating a second Healthie provider account). 
  • For any export we create of client lists, that request will need to come from the assigned provider (or account admin) to ensure complete transparency every step of the way.
  • We do not currently support exporting of credit card details.
  • We do not currently support transferring clients across multiple Healthie accounts that you may have. You can however follow the steps mentioned above to export your Client List and import it to your new Healthie account. 
  • We do not currently support the bulk download of client entries, chat messages, and metrics collected from wearables (outside of what is available in Reports)
  • Appointments cannot be exported, however, the Appointments Report can be run to obtain this information.
  • Chat history cannot be exported, except by users of Healthie's API.
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