Add a Form to an Appointment Type

Healthie's calendar is designed specifically to meet the needs, nuances, and special considerations for a health and wellness business. This overview walks through the fundamentals of setting up your calendar and taking advantage of over 35 custom settings you can enable/disable to meet your business's specific needs.

As part of the purchasing experience, providers can (optionally) add a form that will be required for clients to complete. 

Add a Form to an Appointment Type

If you'd like to request a form be added to an Appointment Type, please email with the following information: 

  • Form Name 
  • Appointment Type Name(s)

There is no cost for this advanced workflow, and it is available to all paid subscription members.

Note: There are specific default forms from Healthie's form library that cannot be shared through an embed or sharing link, including: Welcome, Billing Info, Insurance Form, Photo ID, Profile Picture.

Client Experience 

When booking an appointment, clients will be prompted to complete form fields as part of the booking process. 

For your form, please keep in mind that the fields will render as part of the client package. By default, the following information is already collected from new clients upon booking and will not be needed within your form:  

  • First and Last Name 
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number 

If you add a form to a booking flow, clients will be required to fill in their first name, last name, e-mail address, and phone number. These fields are required. 

We can help you remove the "reason for appointment" box if you are on an Enterprise Plan. 

Subsequently, only required fields will need to be completed in order to complete the appointment and/or booking flow. Your form questions will be added below the "reason for appointment" box.

Example Form: 

Forms can be easily built within Healthie's Form Builder by dragging fields to build your form. A client signature can also be added & required in your package form. 

Questions? Email

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