Build an E-signature form

As part of Healthie's intake form tool, you are able to build a read-only form that clients can then E-sign for your records. E-sign forms commonly include Notice of Privacy Policies, Cancellation Policies, and Office Policies. You may also want clients to sign off on the validity of their health history. 

Create a Read Only Form in Healthie

  • Navigate to Forms > Create Form 
  • Title your form accordingly.
  • From the Question Bank drop down on the upper left menu bar, choose Agreement
  • Drag and drop the "Agreement Read Only" field onto your form. Select "Edit" on the form filed. You'll now be able to copy and paste (or write) and policies directly into the field. 
  • If you prefer, you can drag and drop the "Require Client to Agree" field onto your form, which will require a client to "check-off" the box indicating that they've read your policy form. 

Reset a signature when e-signing 

We get it, you may not always get the perfect signature on the first try when e-signing. To make life easier, you (or your clients) can easily reset your signature. Click the "reset" option above the signature field. Your signature will clear, and you can sign again. Click "OK" when you're happy with your signature. 

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