Building an E-signature form

Build an intake form that clients can e-sign, using Healthie's electronic signature feature within Intake forms

Step 1: Go to Forms >> Form Builder >> select "+ Create New" 

Step 2: Enter a Name for your Form (e.g., My Nutrition Practice's Office Policies) and click "Submit" 

Step 3: In the Question Bank drop down, select Agreement. 

Step 4: Drag "Agreement (Read Only)" to the main section of your form. Enter the text of your agreement by clicking on "Click to Edit". 

Step 5:  Collect a signature
Drag "Signature" to the main section of your form, which will require that the client enter a signature. 

If you would like to add a "checkbox to agree" option as well, Drag "Require Client to Agree." 

Similarly, if you'd like to add an option for a Parent / Guardian to sign, Drag this question as well.