Organization Member Collaboration in Chat

Healthie’s HIPAA-compliant Chat feature enables clients, providers, and other team members to communicate via secure messenger. Team members are able to share access to Chat conversations, for the purpose of helping to continue discussions, or resolve situations, with clients. One way to think about this feature is that an organization’s list of Chat conversations will be like a queue that multiple people who work at that organization are able to contribute. 

Support staff are able to respond to client inquiries on behalf of other team members (ie. the healthcare provider) - all with complete transparency to the client.

Account admins ware able to set permissions for each team member, which will either permit or restrict their involvement within the Organization Chat. These settings can be set for each team member's permission page.

Organization Chat Permissions

Permissions to access Organization Chat can be enabled in a team member's permissions by an account admin. In order to turn this permission on, the team member will need the following permissions also enabled: 

  • Can search across all clients in the organization 
  • Sees all clients in the organization on the "Clients Page" 
  • Can access all chat conversation of all org members

When enabled  the team member will be able to see and participate in any chat conservations created by any org member. They will also be able to send messages on behalf of the org member who created the conversation. 

Organization Chat Overview 

By default, all members view their own personal Chat page when clicking the Chat icon. This will show all conversations including this team members, including group messages they are included in. 

To switch to the Organization Chat view, click the arrow icon next to your name. 

A drop-down will appear > Select Organization 

You'll now be viewing all conversations including any team member. Messages appear in chronological order, with the most recent messages at the top. 

Responding on Behalf of Another Provider 

When viewing the Organization Chat list, a team member with the correct permissions can open & reply to any conversation, even those that they are not participants in. This facilitates collaborative messaging across the organization. 

If a chat belongs to another team member (ie. between a provider and a client), a message can be entered on behalf of that team member. These responses are clearly labeled "[Team Member Name] On behalf of [Chat Owner Name]. This ensures that the client is aware who is responding to them. 

Before sending the message, a confirmation screen will appear. 

Note: In order to directly participate in the message, the team member that owns the conversation will need to add any other team members as participants. Learn more: Group Messaging

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