Group conversations (Community Chat)

Healthie allows you to set up community chats (group conversations) for clients - these may be clients within a group, program you are offering, or as a general specialty need (e.g., similar health goals). Many businesses offer access to an exclusive Community Chat as a value-add service. Community Chats can be used in a more secure way to engage with a group of clients, versus using a social platform. 

In a community chat, clients can share text, photos, and documents with each other. This is helpful to hold groups of clients, or families, accountable together.

Clients will be able to see each other's first name and last name initial, but clients will not be able to view each other's profile or any other information. Please make sure clients have signed appropriate waivers & notices with regards to HIPAA and protection of client names before creating a group conversation. Providers must be the one to initiate a community chat, and must be in a community chat, as for security and privacy, clients cannot initiate a conversation privately.

Create a community chat

Within Healthie's chat platform, Click "New Conversation." Then, select the participants or client groups that you would like to include.

Click the "New" button to initiate the chat. You can utilize the pencil icon next to the Chat title in order to rename the chat. Groups can be renamed at anytime. 

Multiple organization members in a Community Chat

You are able to select multiple organization members to include in a community chat. This may be useful as part of working within a Care Team, or if you'd like multiple team members to be able to participate. When you have multiple organization members in a community chat, all organization members will be able to add additional clients to the Community Chat. 

You can also launch a group (community) chat by navigating to your calendar and clicking on a group appointment. You'll see the option to quickly create/launch a Community Chat conversation with participants. 

  • Click the "Chat with Participants" button 
  • On the next screen, deselect any participants you wish to not include in the chat by clicking their name 
  • Click "Start Conversation"

Note: Clients will be able to see other participants' first names and the initial of their last names. On the provider side, you will see the client's full name.

Below is an example of the client view in a community chat. 


Add and remove participants

If you'd like to modify the participants in a community chat, you can do so on the right-hand panel when you have selected the chat.

First, filter your conversations to show only Community Chats, by clicking on the "Type" drop down menu and selecting "Community Chats."

Then, select the conversation you would like to edit. Click on the "Add Participants" button in the upper right hand corner. 

From there, you can add and remove participants from the pop-up menu. Search for clients to add on the left side, and use the X-marks to remove any participants. Click the blue "Update Conversation" to save your changes. 

Note: a client who is part of a "Community Chat" associated with their group, will retain access to that chat while archived. To manually remove the client out of the community chat, you can simply remove them directly from the group conversation by hovering over the "X" using the method below.

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