Healthie offers a E-Rx integration with Dosespot as an add-on to your Healthie plan, which enables clinicians to prescribe medications electronically on behalf of their patients. Here is an overview of E-Rx and Healthie

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the E-Rx integration?

Individuals that are legally able to prescribe medications in the United States can use the E-Rx integration with Dosespot. 

You will need to be approved by Dosespot in order to access the E-Rx integration within your account. Please note that only the individual user that has been approved for E-Rx will be able to submit prescriptions; other staff members will not see the E-Rx integration in their logins unless they are specifically designated as Proxy members. 

Can I place orders for controlled substances

Here is information on EPCS via Healthie.

Currently, EPCS is only available to members of our Enterprise Plan

If you are a member of an Enterprise account and would like to request EPCS permissions, please email hello@gethealthie.com

What is the difference between a "Proxy" and "Prescribing" role? 

E-Rx permissions cannot be shared with other staff members, however, "proxy" access can be granted. With prescription "proxy" access, business administrators can assign trusted members of their business with the ability to complete specified prescription-related administrative tasks. These settings are managed by administrators at a business level.

How much does E-Rx cost? 

There is a fee of $40/provider/month.

Controlled Substances / EPCS has an add-on fee of + $20/provider/month, and there is an additional approval process will occur on your behalf.

There is no cost for adding Proxy roles to your account. 

How is patient insurance information collected & handled in the Dosespot platform? 

Patient insurance coverage information is pulled by Dosespot from Surescripts. Surescripts (for both insurance coverage and other information displayed in Surescripts) matches information from their database based on patient demographics (e.g., Name, Gender, DOB). 

Surescripts pulls information from 95% of pharmacies in the US; patients enter information through their pharmacy, and that data is uploaded into the Surescripts database (Insurance information from Healthie does not get entered into Surescripts). 

Insurance information entered by a patient in Healthie cannot be pushed into Dosespot, nor is there a way to manually enter insurance information into Dosespot. 

If you have a patient for which insurance information is not showing up, please contact hello@gethealthie.com with the patient ID number, and Healthie support can reach out to Dosespot on your behalf. 

What is a transmission error? 

A transmission error occurs when the pharmacy does not receive the transmitted prescription. This is typically caused by a temporary loss of network connectivity on the pharmacy end. If a transmission error appears, click on the transmission error link located at the top right of the screen. 

This document includes common additional errors that might occur after a provider submits an e-prescription. 

If you need assistance regarding an e-Rx notification error, please email support at hello@gethealthie.com 

Why can't I find a pharmacy? 

More than 95% of the nation's pharmacies are enabled for electronic prescribing including all of the major drug store chains (i.e.: CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc.). On occasion you may search for a pharmacy within DoseSpot and no results are provided. This may be due to a number of reasons, but the most important thing to understand is that if a pharmacy is not within DoseSpot then an electronic prescription cannot be sent to that pharmacy. 

If you would like to add a pharmacy that is not listed in the search, please e-mail hello@gethealthie.com with the information of the pharmacy that you would like to be added, and we will open a ticket with Dosespot. In the interim, we recommend proceeding to print the prescription instead.

What is the difference between "Refill" and "Reorder"?  

A Refill is initiated by the pharmacy and the number of Refill Requests will be listed in the upper right hand corner of your screen. The Reorder function can be used when a prescriber would like to "Reorder" the same medication for a patient. The prescription will automatically be entered into the "Patient's New Prescriptions (to be approved)" and the prescriber simply needs to click on the check box and then click "Approve & Send" or "Approve & Print".

Notifications for Refills

We currently have provider notifications for refill requests; this occurs when a patient runs out of medication and asks the pharmacy for a refill when there are none left on the original prescription. The pharmacy then sends a refill request (renewal request) to the provider through DoseSpot.

We do have an update with our Spring Release for Prescribing Agents to handle refill requests. They can now handle Refill, RxChange, and Cancel requests through new endpoints which require the onBehalfOfUserId parameter. We don’t have a mechanism for notifications if a patient does not request a refill from the pharmacy.

Why is Dosespot asking for my credit card information? 

During setup when clicking on "Add Manage Subscription" EPCS prescribers will see 3 forms appear which will need to be completed. Information that will be requested from the provider includes a credit card, social security number, and driver's license. 

This is part of Dosespot's identity verification process. This type of identity proofing is a common practice for detecting fraud and establishing the validity of the individual's identity. The prescriber’s credit card is run through Experian to verify that they are who they are and that their information matches up with the information on the credit card/report. The card is not charged nor is it kept on record. This is done for the prescriber’s protection from fraudulent activity. A soft inquiry is placed on the report and does not affect your credit score or your ability to borrow.

Why did I receive an email from Dosespot?

You may receive an email from Dosespot to register and create an account. Please note, there is no action that you need to take, and you do not need to register for an account. You will have direct access to Dosespot from your Healthie provider account.

Is branding available for prescriptions? 

Prescription branding is not available through Surescripts.

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