Sign and Timestamp a Chart Note

Healthie's Charting Feature enables you to save, sign, and lock your charting notes. This article reviews what happens when you use the Sign option for charting notes. 

In order for a provider to Sign/Lock their own Charting Note, they need to have the correlating Permission for Charting enabled.

Charting Note Options

When editing a charting note, you'll notice a Save button on the top-right. While Healthie automatically saves your charting note, you can manually push the button to ensure your progress is saved. 

Within the Save button, there is a drop-down selection with more Saving options: 

  • Save and Close: provider can save note only, returning to edit, sign, or lock at any time.  
  • Sign Note: provider can add a digital signature to the note.
  • Lock Note: provider can lock note and prevent further edits, apart from addendums
  • Sign & Lock: provider can add a digital signature and lock the note, preventing further edits apart from addendums.

Sign a Chart Note

Signing a chart note allows the provider to automatically add a timestamp to the charting note, along with an indication that they have electronically signed it. When other care team members view the charting note, they will see the indication that the charting note has been signed in the Chart Note History

  • Open/Edit a charting note 
  • Select the drop-down option next to Save 
  • Select Sign Note

A chart note can only be signed by a single provider one time. Once signed, the charting note can still be edited (as opposed to locking a charting note). 

The Chart Note History will display the name and title of the provider who signed the charting note, along with the date, and time, essentially adding a timestamp to the note. 

Have Multiple Providers Sign a Chart Note

Any other team member that is added as a Care Team member for the client, is able to edit and/or sign the same charting note. Only standard providers (not support staff) may sign a charting note. 

A history of all providers that have signed the charting note will be added to the Chart Note History. 


Can a chart note be edited after it is signed? 

Yes, a charting note can still be edited. 

Can the charting note be signed multiple times? 

When making Chart Template types, providers can add multiple signature fields so that multiple providers can sign a chart note, so long as that follows the Chart Note template.

Adding multiple signature fields is different from using the "Sign Note" feature (which doesn't require you to have the signature field on the note).

On testing multiple providers can "officially" sign a note. The second provider needs to open / edit the existing note and select "Sign" from the drop down options. The same provider cannot sign the note multiple times though.

Can I prevent the note from being edited after being signed? 

Yes, the chart note can be locked, which would prevent further edits from being made (you can add addendums only to the charting note). 

Do I need to add an E-Signature field to charting note to Sign them? 

While you still have the option to add a signature field to a charting note, it is not required in order to Sign the charting note. Adding an E-Signature field will also note automatically add a timestamp, nor will it update the Chart Note History. You may want to use the E-Signature field when it is preferred to have a physical signature of the provider on file. 

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