Care Teams

Do you have multiple providers within your organization that work with the same client? If so, leverage Healthie's Care Teams feature to associate multiple providers with a client within Healthie. 

Enabling a care team allows multiple providers within an organization to do the following:

  • Schedule with the client
  • View and engage with the Journal Entries
  • Chat with a client by default (and, a conversation is automatically created between a client and each associated provider)
  • Review intake forms & charting templates for a client (note: this may also be possible by a provider who is NOT part of a client's care team, depending on your organization permission settings

To establish a Care Team for a client:

  • Navigate to Client Profile > Actions > Personal Information
  • Add the additional provider(s) that you'd like the client to be associated with
  • Note: Support team members cannot be added to a Care Team. If you are interested in adding a support member to a Care Team, you will need to make them a "Standard" seat within your account, following these instructions

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