Care Teams

Healthie's Care Teams feature enables multiple providers within an organization to be associated with a single client. This will allow the client to securely work with multiple healthcare providers, for more comprehensive care. For multi-disciplinary care, each provider can create their own paperwork and intake flows, appointments, packages and more - facilitating specialized care. 

Account admins have control over, and insight into, care team members. These settings can be configured on a per-member basis, within their member settings. Deep Dive: Team Member Settings


Utilizing Care Teams

Care Team members are able to do the following within Healthie: 

  • Schedule with the client when assigned as a Care Team member (clients can additionally self-book with their assigned provider and/or other designated Care Team members) 
  • View and engage with client Journal Entries
  • Chat with a client when assigned as a Care Team member
  • Securely chat with other team members internally 
  • Review intake forms & charting templates for a client (note: this may also be possible by a provider who is NOT part of a client's care team, depending on your organization permission settings

Add Care Team Members when Manually Adding a Client 

When adding a new client to Healthie, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the client information. You'll notice an option + Care Team Members > Select team members to add from the drop-down. 

Add/Remove Care Team Members within Client Profile

Manually update a client's profile at any time to add, or remove, a Care Team member. 

  • Navigate to Client Profile > Actions > Personal Information
  • Add the additional provider(s) that you'd like the client to be associated with

Note: Support team members cannot be added to a Care Team. If you are interested in adding a support member to a Care Team, you will need to make them a "Standard" seat within your account, following these instructions

Bulk Add Care Team Members 

Care Team members can be added to multiple client accounts at a single time. 

Navigate to your Clients List and select the clients you'd like to add Care Team members for. 

Once you select 2+ clients, a menu bar will appear > Actions > Add Care Team Members

Search/select for the Care Team Member(s) that you'd like to associate with the selected clients. 

Care Team Member Settings

Healthie's Care Teams feature enables multiple providers within an organization to be associated with a single client. Notably, there is the ability for admins to control Care Team permissions for each team member. 

Here is a breakdown of the specific Care Team member permissions that can set on a per-team member basis:  

  • "Can be added as a Care Team member" - when this setting is enabled for a provider (even a support role), they can be added as a Care Team member to any client's account within the organization. 
  • "Has Chat conversation automatically created with client" - when added as a Care Team member to a client's account, the client will see this member as an option to Chat with
  • "Clients can schedule sessions with this org member" - when enabled, clients who this org member has been added as a care team member for will be able to schedule appointments with them via the web and mobile app.
    • Note: This setting requires the "Should appear as a provider" setting to be enabled.
  • "Is notified of any client activity including intake forms, journal entries, programs, and documents" - When enabled, this org member will receive the same client activity notifications about clients who they have been added as a care team members for as the main provider of a client receives. 
    • Note: This setting is dependent on the org member's personal notification settings. For example, if the org member's personal notification settings are configured to not receive a notification about a client posting a journal entry, then they would not receive a notification about a client who they are a care team member for posting a journal entry.
  • Ability for a provider to add themselves as a Care Team member, making it easier to bulk-edit the Care Team member settings for clients. 
  • Booking with Care Team members is supported on the Healthie Mobile App

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