Client Medication History

Keeping track of a client's medications (past and current) can be done within your Client's Profile in Healthie. 

Manually Add a Medication to a Client's Profile

Navigate to Clients > Select Client 

From their Client Profile Overview Page, scroll to the section "Medications" > Add

A side panel will display, allowing you to populate the following information: 

  • Search for a medication 
  • Indicate if it is active or inactive 
  • Dosage amount 
  • Directions (any specific guidance for your client, however, clients will not see this information at this time)
  • Start Date / End Date 
  • Comments 

Collect Medication History Through a Client Form  

Electronic intake forms are designed to help providers capture detailed information from clients. Healthie's "Medication Field" can be added to any intake form, and will prompt clients to provide information regarding their medication history, including: 

  • Select or type a medication name 
  • Medication dosage 
  • Indicator if the medication is actively being take or not (allowing clients to provide information on past medication history) 
  • Instructions they've been provided 
  • Start & end date for the medication (if there is an end date) 
  • Any comments the client may have re: the medication

To add this field to a form: 

  • Navigate to Forms > Select Form (can be an Intake Form or a Charting Form
  • Choose the Charting Category from Question Bank drop-down
  • Drag and drop the "List any medications you are taking" field onto your form

When added to an intake form, here is an example of what the client will see when prompted to complete the form. 

Clients will be able to search for and select, or add a custom medication to the form. 

Additionally, they'll be prompted to provider: 

  • Dosage (required)
  • If the medication is active (meaning, are they actively taking it)
  • Any instructions they've been given 
  • The start/end date related to the medication 
  • Any additional comments they'd like to provide (ie. reason for taking the medication)

Clients can continue on to add multiple medications.

Add Medications to a Charting Template 

Providers can include the medication field to a charting form, following the same steps outlined above. Having a medication field in a charting note will allow a provider to verbally collect this information from the client, or to manually add it directly to a charting note. 

Medications will then auto-populate within the client's profile for future reference. 

Managing Medications in a Client's Profile 

Medications are considered a Smart Field, which will auto-populate information captured in a charting or intake form within the client profile. Providers can view this information within their client's profile. 

Client Profile > Medications Section

For each medication add to the client's profile, providers are able to: 

  • View the date the medication was started (if provided) 
  • View comments & instructions (if provided) 
  • Edit or Delete the medication
  • Add a new medication

Note: Clients are not able to maintain a list of medications within their own account. They are only able to add medications through a form, if requested by their provider. 

E-Prescribed Medications

If you are actively prescribing medications via Healthie's E-Rx integration with DoseSpot, any prescribed medications will display on the Client Overview page of their account (in E-Prescriptions).

E-Prescriptions show separately from other medications that may have been collected from a client through an intake form or charting note.

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