Client Medication History

Keeping track of a client's medications (past and current) can be done within your Client's Profile in Healthie. If e-Rx is enabled for your account, then any medications prescribed to your client will automatically display in the Medication section of the client profile. From here, you can also add any "other" medications that your client may be taking (or taken in the past). 

If you do not use e-Rx with Healthie, you can still add medications and keep an up-to-date record of all of your client's active & past medications. 

Add a Medication to a Client's Profile

Navigate to Clients > Select Client 

From their Client Profile Overview Page, scroll to the section "Medications" > Add

A side panel will display, allowing you to populate the following information: 

  • Search for a medication 
  • Indicate if it is active or inactive 
  • Dosage amount 
  • Directions (any specific guidance for your client, however, clients will not see this information at this time)
  • Start Date / End Date 
  • Comments 

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