Add / Remove a member in your organization

Healthie enables organizations with multiple providers / clinicians / assistants to coordinate with each other to provide collaborative care to clients. Moreover, administrators of an organization can set permission roles for each standard license / support member in an organization. 


Adding a member to your Organization

To add a member to your organization:

  • Navigate to Settings > Organization > Org Info (complete this information if it hasn't been completed yet) > Manage Memberships 
  • Add in the Member's Name, E-mail-address, and choose either Standard or Support role 
    • Standard role encompasses anyone in your organization that sees clients or needs administrative access to the system. For example, providers who work with clients should be marked as "Standard" so that they can be assigned clients and appear on the Calendar for scheduling
    • Support role encompasses anyone in your organization that needs assistant access to the system. Most commonly, this is someone who schedules, does billing, or is responsible for other administrative work that does not include client engagement. 
      • Support roles cannot be not assigned clients or have a calendar on Healthie, but can message clients, view and book sessions for other team members, and conduct coordination activities for the organization 
  • You can optionally set a member (standard or support) to be an Administrator
    • Administrators can oversee member activity, access Organization-wide reports, and optionally have visibility into client information and activity 
    • Administrators can also set permissions for other team members
    • We recommend limiting the number of Administrators you have in your account

When you add a member (standard / support) to your organization, they will receive an e-mail indicating that they've been added to your organization. They will then be able to click on a unique link, that will enable them to set up a password, and access their account, based on the permissions you have established on their behalf. Immediately, you'll be able to share documents and resources, intake forms and other resources, and message with them within the platform. 

Changing a member from "Standard" to "Support" (and vice versa)

There may be an instance in which you would like to change a member in your organization to/from " Standard" and "Support". 

Navigate to Organization > Select Member > Edit Settings

  • Note: you will need to have administrator-level privileges to do this 
  • Navigate to the question "What organization member role should [Provider Name] be?"
  • Select "Standard" or "Support
  • The team member will have to log out and log back into Healthie, to see changes reflected in their account. 

Setting member-specific settings

  • Navigate to Organization > Manage Memberships (Note: Only "Admin" roles can make modifications for other accounts)
  • Select Settings of an existing provider
  • Select / unselect permissions you'd like to enable for a provider
  • Based on the role you have already given this provider, Healthie's recommended pre-set settings have been applied

If you would like assistance navigating permissions & settings, e-mail us:

We can help you set up advanced permissions & settings, including:

  • Setting availability by location to tie your availability into multiple locations
  • Setting availability by appointment type
    • This setting is for if you want to have different appointments to be open on different days 
      • Use Case 1: I run a grocery store tour but only on Saturdays 
      • Use Case 2: I only want to do to free initial consultations for 2 hours a day and leave my calendar open for existing clients the rest of the day
      • Use Case 3: I have several different members of my organization who offer different types of services
  • Adjusting which team members receive notifications for certain actions, commonly including instances like when an appointment is cancelled, when a fax is received, and when a client completes their onboarding.

Removing a member from your Account

If you'd like to revoke access of a log-in, you can mark a provider account as Inactive. 

This will prevent a member from logging in or accessing client information. No client information or chart notes are deleted. When marking a provider inactive, the system will prompt you to re-assign any clients that are associated with that provider to someone else on your team. 

It is not possible to mark the Account Owner (e.g., the member that first created the Healthie account) as Inactive, due to Privacy and Terms of Use agreements in place. 

Re-arranging the order of members in your Organization

Healthie enables you to order the members in your Organization. This is helpful in the following instances:

  • You have a high number of providers in your organization and need to sort them
  • You would like members to appear in a certain order on your Organization Calendar

To rearrange the order of your members, go to "Organization" > Members > use the blue arrows to rearrange a member's position on the list. This will adjust the order in which members appear on the Calendar. 

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