View, skip, and complete client intake forms

After having your clients fill out forms you've created online, you are able to view the status and responses of these forms. You can also make direct edits and updates to these forms, and fill out forms on your clients' behalf, for example if they are in a session with you, or set up a station in your office for clients to complete forms before an in-person session with you. You can also enable notifications to be sent to you when clients start and complete their intake form process, and skip forms for clients.


View a client's intake forms

Navigate to Client > Charting > Forms to view forms that have been requested by you, forms that have been completed by the client, and forms that are in-progress / skipped. You are able to send clients a reminder nudge to complete a form that you've already requested. 

You can also use the "Search" option to quickly locate a client's form. 

Fill out forms on your client's behalf

There may be an instance in which you'd like to complete a form on behalf of your client. For example, if you are meeting with a client and they have not yet completed their intake forms, you are able to complete their forms for them. Select the form you'd like to complete on behalf of the client, and you'll be able to fill out open fields. This is done through  Client > Charting > View Intake Forms. 

Skip an intake form on behalf of your client

If you'd like to skip an intake form request that has already been sent to your client, navigate to:  Client > Charting > View Intake Forms > Select Form Dropdown (e.g., Not Started) > Skip for Client.

Your client will no longer be prompted to complete this form. If they log in and view their Forms, they will see this form as "Skipped" and still be able to complete it, if you'd like them to at a later point.

Relatedly, you may want to make an entire form or entire intake flow not required for your clients, such that they are able to skip forms themselves when logging into a session with you. To do this, please make forms on your intake flow optional

Delete a requested form 

If you'd like to delete an intake form that you requested through Request Form Completion, navigate to:  Client > Charting > View Intake Forms > Select Form Dropdown (e.g., Not Started) > Delete Request.

*Forms that were requested through Request Form Completion can only be deleted. Forms that are part of an intake flow cannot be deleted, only skipped. 

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