Viewing client intake forms

Healthie enables providers to build and view custom intake forms, for clients to complete and submit electronically. As a provider, you are able to:

  • See whether a client has completed an intake form (Not completed, Skipped, Incomplete, Complete status)
  • View completed forms
  • Make updates to completed forms / fill forms out on behalf of your clients, for example if they are in a session with you, or if you have a station for clients to complete forms before their session with you. 

Viewing completed forms for a particular client 

  • Step 1: Select the client within "Client List" 
  • Step 2: Click on "Charting" 
  • Step 3: Click on "Intake Paperwork" 

Notification when client completes an intake form

Check the status of forms shared with your clients, request an additional form to be completed.

You can check to see if a client completes one of your intake forms by:

Step 1: Going to a client's intake forms ( The Client's Profile --> Charting --> Intake Paperwork - instructions here). 

Step 2: View status of forms (Complete / Incomplete). 

Step 3: If you'd like a client to complete an additional form, click Actions --> Request Form Completion. Then, select the form you'd like to send / resend to a client. 

Filling out forms on your client's behalf

If clients do not fill out their forms prior to a session, you can help them complete these during an appointment.

To fill out intake forms for your client:

Step 1: Follow these instructions to view your specific client's intake forms.
Step 2: Press the red "Not Started Yet" or yellow "Incomplete" button next to the specific form you would like to complete. 

Leveraging Healthie's Auto-fill Feature

Healthie has advanced auto-fill features built within the platform to prevent providers / clients from having to enter the same information twice. This extends not only to intake forms, but also charting templates and client profiles. 

Our goal at Healthie is to save providers as much time as possible, so that they can spend more time with clients. 

Prior to Healthie, many of our providers would spend substantial time re-writing / re-entering data on client information, financial data, and charting notes to fulfill needs for insurance companies, accounting, and client communication.

Healthie eliminates the need for "re-entering data' but auto-filling key fields throughout the Healthie platform. 

Our goal: A provider or client never has to enter the same information twice, once it's been entered into Healthie

You will naturally find that client, physician, and your personal information pre-fills throughout the system. Here are several ways that data pre-populates into Healthie to save you time: 

  1. A client's basic health information will pre-populate on a charting template and in their client profile (viewable in Client Profile --> Actions --> Edit Client info)
  2. If you request that a credit card be kept on file, the ability to charge that client in the Billing --> Client Packages section will be activated. 
  3. Relevant fields within completed charting notes (e.g., ICD-10, CPT codes) will pre-populate into a Superbill or CMS 1500 form for streamlined billing.