"Smart fields" to connect intake forms and charting templates

Healthie's intake form and charting template tools contain Smart Fields, which are auto-fill features that connect the intake form responses with Client Profile and Charting Template fields, to prevent providers from having to input the same piece of information more than once, into the portal. This saves providers and clients time collecting client information, and Smart Fields span client information, financial data, insurance information, and health fields. 

Use Smart Fields in your intake forms and charting templates

If you have the same questions in your intake form as in your charting template, these fields will automatically pull from a client's completed intake form into your charting note on a client. 

You can have smart fields extend to some or all of the questions in your Charting Template. This is inherently determined by the question overlap between your Intake Form and Charting Template.

Smart fields is distinct from Charting Pre-fill, in which chart templates pre-fill from the previous chart notes you have created on a single client. 

To locate the smart fields, navigate to Forms > Form Builder > select one of your forms.

On the left-hand side, you will Question Banks Default. If you change the category from Default to Client Info, you will notice all the box options will change. All the options under "Client Info" will autofill into the client's profile and other areas on the platform.
Screen-Shot-2020-12-08-at-11-13-12-AM.pngIf you use the boxes that are under the category "Default" will not autofill in other areas in the platform. For the "Charting" category only these fields will autofill into the client's profile:

Smart Fields vs. Copied Fields

Smart Fields, as mentioned above, are located within the "Client Info" drop down section available when building an intake form.  These fields, once filled out by a client in their intake flow, populate directly into a client's profile, as well as any chart notes with the same fields. 

However, Copied Fields, located under the "Copied" drop down section available when building an intake form, will pull from the most recently filled out form (Intake Form, Charting Note, Program Form) having that same field. This means the information being copied over will change as new chart notes, intake forms, or programs are completed. 

Commonly used Smart Fields 

  • The field "Physician information" will populate in Client Settings when a client enters this information
  • The field "Phone number" will populate on the Client Overview Page when a client enters this information
  • The fields "First Name" and "Last Name" will pre-populate on the Client Overview Page, as well as in your Charting Template
  • If you request Billing information be kept on file, it will show up in Client Overview and Billing
  • Adding the ICD-10 and CPT code fields within your charting note will pre-populate into a client's Superbill / CMS 1500 form 
  • Gender identity
  • Metrics

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