Enable "pre-fill" on chart notes

As you are charting on the same client over multiple sessions, you may want fields from your charting template to pre-fill from previous notes you have taken on a client. This can be useful for automatically seeing previous notes you have taken on a client, as well as building on previous chart notes in a follow-up session, as opposed to starting from scratch, which can save you time while charting on clients. 

If you'd like chart notes on a client to populate information from intake forms, please use Smart Fields

Turn on Charting Pre-fill

Navigate to Forms > Form Builder > Charting Forms. Toggle "Pre-fill" for the charting template you'd like to enable Pre-fill for. 

Using Pre-fill Chart Notes

  • When Pre-fill is enabled for a charting template, by default, your charting note for a specific client will pre-fill from a previous session. 
  • You are then able to build on top of these previous notes, knowing that edits that you make to the most recent chart note will only affect the CURRENT note, and will not affect previous notes.
  • At this time, it is not possible to select only specific questions within a Charting Template to pre-fill into your Charting Template. 
  • At this time, Pre-fill is not available on Healthie's included ADIME note. So, if you would like to use "pre-fill" please create another charting template. 
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