Charting templates available on Healthie

Within your platform, you can build and use charting templates to organize your note-taking during a client session. We do have some templates already pre-built into the system.

ADIME, SOAP, Free Text, and Specialty Charting Templates are available for your use.

Most commonly used is the ADIME note. 

You can access the template in your charting templates (Forms --> Intake Forms --> Charting Forms) or within a specific client's account (Client --> Charting --> Charting Not Visible to Clients). By clicking on the "Charting" tab, you can view existing charting templates that you have, and make edits to these as well. 

If you have your own templates you would like built into Healthie, please email them to They usually take around a business week to complete and upload into your account. 

Accessing and Editing your Charting notes:

Accessing your charting note and selecting the desired template: