Create and modify Charting Templates

Healthie's Charting feature (EHR) allows you to electronically take notes on clients in an organized way, using customized templates that also allow for automations like pre-fill and incorporation of intake form answers into charting templates. You are able to easily view an archive of client charts, E-fax them to other healthcare professionals, and quickly export information into Superbills and CMS 1500 forms for easy billing. 

As part of setting up your Charting system within Healthie, you are able to create custom charting templates, as well as modify existing templates that are available to you within Healthie. Moreover, you can set a default charting template if you have several that you'd like to use, and add e-signature and metrics fields to your template as well. 

Healthie's charting template library

Healthie's charting template library includes common templates for health and wellness providers, such as ADIME, SOAP, and Free Text. We also have Specialty Charting Forms available for your use.

You can access these templates in your charting templates ( Forms > Form Builder > Charting Forms) or within a specific client's account (Client > Charting > Charting Not Visible to Clients). 

If you have your own templates you would like built into Healthie, please complete this questionnaire: Healthie Form Builder Request. Forms typically take 7-10 business days to be uploaded into your account, and you will receive an e-mail notifying you that Charting Templates have been added. 

Create your own charting templates

To create a new charting template: 

  • From Healthie's Dashboard, Navigate to FormsCreate Form 
  • Give your intake form a name 
  • Using the menu of question types, drag and drop the template of the question you wish to add to your form 

You can change the Question Bank category by clicking the drop-down and selecting the Charting category to gain access to common charting questions, ideal when building a charting template.

Finally, in order to make this Intake Form into a Charting Note, you must convert it by selecting Options > Convert to Charting Form.

Learn more about Healthie Form Builder here.

To create a new client chart note, navigate to your client's profile within Healthie by going to Clients (left navigation sidebar) > [...] on right end of Client Name > Create Charting Note blue button.

Note: the option to create or view charting is not available in the Healthie mobile app. Charting can only be accessed from the web browser. Learn more here.  

Smart fields to pre-populate data into charting templates

Within your charting template, you are able to incorporate Smart Fields, which are auto-fill features that connect the intake form responses with Client Profile and Charting Template fields, that prevent you from having to input the same piece of information more than once, into the portal. 

This saves providers and clients time collecting client information, and Smart Fields span client information, financial data, insurance information, and health fields. Follow these instructions to incorporate Smart Fields into your Charting Template.

Set a default charting template 

Your default charting template is the one you will see by default when you create a new chart note on a client. We recommend setting your default charting template as the template you use most frequently during your sessions. You can select your default chart note in your account settings -- navigate to Settings > Charting > "Default Chart Note" and you will see a drop down of all possible charting templates that you are able to set as default. 

If you are a part of a group practice / organization, each member is able to set their own default charting template, that applies to their account only. 

Delete unwanted charting templates

If you would like to delete unused charting templates, navigate to  Forms > Form Builder > Charting Forms > Select the Template you'd like to delete > Options > Delete

Please note that you will not be able to recover this charting template that you have deleted, but you will still be able to view created charting notes that have been created with this template. Deleting the template will not affect or modify existing chart notes of this template. 

Add E-signature to your chart note

Many providers have required to E-sign their chart notes or have a physician sign off on a chart note. You can add an E-signature field to your Chart Note to be prompted to E-sign a charting note during or after a session, which is then saved as part of your Charting Archive. 

To add E-sign to your chart note:

  • Navigate to Forms > Form Builder > Charting Forms > Select the Template you'd like to modify
  • Select the Question Bank Dropdown of "Agreements"
  • Drag and drop the field "Signature Field"

If you would rather not have to sign your chart notes every single time, you can also add an image of your signature at the bottom of your charting template so it is automatically there when you generate the note. To go about this, navigate to Forms > Form Builder > Select charting form. Select "Default" from the box type drop down menu; click on Agreements and choose Agreement Read Only. Click and drag over the Agreement (Read-Only) towards the bottom of the form. You can then insert an image into the box. 

Add metrics to your chart note

Many providers find it convenient to include Custom Metrics that have been created into their actual Charting Template. This makes it easy to record a metric update during a session with a client, which then automatically adds the metric entry to the Client Metrics section.

To add Metrics to your chart note: 

  • Navigate to Forms > Form Builder > Charting Forms > Select the Template you'd like to modify
  • Select the Question Bank Dropdown of "Client Info"
  • Custom metrics you have added to the platform will show up in this Question bank (near the bottom)
  • Drag and drop the metric field you'd like to add to your Charting Template

Add CPT and Diagnosis codes to your chart note 

To add CPT and Diagnosis codes to your chart note

  • Navigate to Forms > Form Builder > Charting Forms > Select the Template you'd like to modify
  • Select the Question Bank Dropdown of "Client Info"
  •  In the Question bank, there will be a CPT and Diagnosis box
  • Drag and drop the metric field you'd like to add to your Charting Template

Additional Resources

You can watch our prerecorded video on Healthie Charting here. Walk through the charting feature with our team, and set up your charting templates and workflows as you follow along. 

Prefer to learn live? Attend one of our weekly live classes for a deep-dive walkthrough of Healthie's EHR feature. Learn how to onboard clients with intake forms, streamline your charting workflows, and share your chart notes. Sign up for a Live Class here


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