Request Client Complete Insurance Form

Healthie's Insurance information form enables you to request insurance information from clients during their onboarding process, while having information pre-populate into their Client Profile and Billing Forms, saving you time by eliminating duplicate data entry of insurance fields. Clients are able to manually enter their information, and/or take a picture of the front & back of their insurance card.

There are several ways to automatically collect & store client's insurance information on file.

Additionally, if a client has a new insurance policy to add to their account, Healthie's default Insurance Form can be resent to them for completion. This will store their new policy as the default insurance on file for their account. 

This article covers how to manually request a client (or multiple clients) submit the Insurance Form within Healthie. 

Request Insurance Form Completion 

Navigate to the client's profile > Charting > Request Form Completion

Search for Insurance Form and click Send Request Completion Email

Your client will receive an email notification that more information is being requested by their healthcare provider. They will be then prompted to complete the Insurance Form, including providing a picture of the front & back of their card. 

Best Practices

  • The Insurance Form is not visible in the Forms Library for providers, as it cannot be edited directly. 
  • When the Insurance form is added to an Intake flow, providers can preview the Intake flow, and click the edit icon to make copy updates to the first section of the form. No further edits beyond this are currently supported (see image below representing the form view from within an Intake flow preview) 

Form view from Intake flow preview

  • The ability to collect insurance card images cannot be added to other forms - Healthie's default Insurance Form must be used. 
  • Client Identification can be requested/collected through the Photo ID Form
  • The Insurance Form CAN be added to an intake flow
  • From an Intake Flow, Preview the Intake Flow and you'll see the Edit option to customize the top instructions for this page. 
  • If a client selects "Self-Pay" from the Insurance plans options drop-down, they will still be prompted to enter their insurance details. 
  • You can request that a group, or even all, of your clients complete this form. Follow the steps to Request Form Completion for an individual client. After clicking the Request Form Completion button, you can edit which client(s)/group(s) to send the request to. 

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