Client Experience with Goals

The Healthie Goals Feature is designed to be an engagement tool for clients. Clients can view their goals, create new goals, mark goals as completed and more. 

How clients can use goals

From their client portal, or mobile app, client’s will be able to: 

  • View their current wellness goals 
  • Create a new goal for themselves
  • Monitor their progress
  • Check off completed goals or subgoals 
  • Receive in-app reminders to complete their goals 
  • Message their wellness provider with any questions regarding their goals or challenges to completing 

Clients completing goals from the web browser

When logged into their Healthie Client Portal, clients can view their current goals on their dashboard. Alternatively, clients can navigate to the "Goals" tab, by: 

  • From the top-menu bar click "Goals" 
  • All current goals will appear
  • To complete a goal, tap the checkmark. The completed goal will become a faded color and the text will cross out. 

Clients completing goals from the mobile app 

Based on our data, clients are most likely to utilize the Healthie app to access their client portal. Clients are able to download the mobile app on iOS and Android devices. You can share the help article below with your clients if they need help downloading or logging into their account: 

Healthie iOs and Android App (for clients)

Once logged into the Healthie mobile app, clients can: 

  • Click the goals icon (flag) on the bottom of their home screen 
  • All current goals will appear
  • To complete a goal, tap the checkmark. The completed goal will become a faded color and the text will cross out. 

Tap the image below to watch how your clients can scroll through their goals on mobile, and check off completed goals. 

Goals on mobile for clients

Best practices for using goals with clients 

When working with clients, it’s best practices to discuss the goals you’ve set and review with clients your expectations from them. Work together to create your goals, and explain to your client how each goal will help them to achieve their overall wellness goals. Some topics you may want to cover in your goals discussion: 

  1. How often will you check in on their progress? 
  2. Should clients message you regarding their goals? 
  3. Is there an incentive if they complete their goals for the week/month to 100% completion? 
  4. Will you review goals during your follow-up sessions? 
  5. What happens if clients don’t complete their goals? 

By setting these expectations upfront, and creating clear accountability, your client's will better understand the actions they need to take in order to see results. This results-oriented and goals-driven approach will help drive your clients' progress, improve retention and achieve success.

Healthie enables you to keep track of your client's goals and assess their progress. Learn more here

As a note, it a client does not complete a daily or weekly goal by the time the next one rolls around, they will not have duplicate goals. Only one instance of the goal will appear for them to check off hat day or week. 

Additional resources

Read more on the benefits of goal setting to improve your client's outcomes. 

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