Health Coach Group and Healthie

Healthie has partnered with the Health Coach Group to enable coaches to run programs directly through Healthie. 

With your HCG-Healthie membership, programs you have purchased from the Health Coach Group are automatically uploaded to your Healthie account, to offer a single-stop solution for your clients.

Members of the Health Coach Group receive

  • Programs purchased through HCG uploaded to Programs within Healthie Getting Started on Programs
  • Programs are "ready to go" when they have been added to your account, although you maintain the ability to easily customize program delivery & content (e.g., tweak program content, and adjust number of days between which clients receive modules). 
  • You are also able to download the modules onto your computer in order to add your logo and brand them as you'd like, and then re-upload them to your Program within Healthie. Information on how to do this here
  • A discounted membership to Healthie while they are an active member of HCG
  • Healthie's Practice Plus Features

Some comments:

  • You can tie Programs into Packages, for your clients to Purchase your programs Learn more
  • Clients will only see the programs that they have signed up for

Accessing your HCG Programs via Healthie

If you have purchased Health Coach Group Courses, and would like to have these forms added to your Healthie provider account, please e-mail Proof of your purchase will be required for validation, and programs will take 7-10 business days to be uploaded into your account. 

Other resources

We are available to assist you with platform set up. We encourage you to join our live classes and watch our Getting Started Series

Available Programs

  • A Lighter Life
  • Gut Health Program
  • 12 Day Detox
  • Healthy Habits July 2019
  • 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse
  • Slim, Sexy, and Smart
  • 3 Months to Great Health
  • 6 Months to Great Health
  • 9 Months to Great Health
  • 12 Months to Great Health
  • Pure Course
  • Art of Aging - Women
  • Art of Aging - Men
  • AOA - Jumpstart
  • Natural Health Immersion
  • Sleep Course
  • Healthy Gut 12 Month Program
  • Cleanse

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