Having clients purchase a program

Tie your Programs with client packages to enable clients to be able to purchase a specific program, and be automatically enrolled. You can then view a client's profile to see which programs they have been enrolled in. 


How to add a program to a client package 

You can add a program to any existing client packages, or you can create a new package for your program. You can also offer your program along with a bundle of other services that you offer (ie. program and consultations). Your program can be free or at a cost, depending on your business goals. 

When a client purchases that package from you, they will be automatically enrolled in that program. They will then get email notifications every time a new module is shared with them. 

To add a program to a new client package: 

  • Billing > Client packages > Create new package 
  • In "Included items" scroll to the bottom to "Programs" and select your program from the drop-down. You can add several programs in a single package if you'd like. 
  • Add payment details to your package. If you wish, you can also make the package FREE. This is often done if you'd like to offer your program as a way to generate new leads/prospects for your business. 
  • Save your package

Learn more about creating client packages here.

View which programs your client is enrolled in

Within your client's profile Client > Select Client > Overview, you will be able to see a detailed view of which programs your clients are enrolled in, and what they have completed / not completed within a Program. 

You are also able to "nudge" your client by sending them a reminder e-mail, if you'd like to prompt them to view a module that is available to them. To do this, click on the [...] and then select "Nudge client." 

Additional resources

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