Creating and Editing a Program

  • Healthie's Programs tool enables providers and organizations to store and automatically distribute content to clients on a time-release schedule. This is commonly used for sending videos, quizzes, and documents in a curriculum-like setting for a set period of time. Overview of Healthie Programs

This article walks through:

  • How to create a new Program
  • How to edit an existing Program

How to create a new Program 

Step 1: Click on the Programs tab of Healthie's main dashboard (Note: Programs is accessible on Healthie's Practice Plus plan and above). 

Step 2: Click on "New Course" and enter a Name, Description, and Benefits of your course (you can modify these later). For example, 

  • "Erica's 12 Week Weight Loss Bootcamp"
  • "Expert content on how to eat mindfully"

Step 3: (Optional) Add an introductory video for your course. This will be visible to clients when clients view the course from their web or mobile portal. 

Step 4: Click "Create & Continue"

Step 5: Add a Module 

  • Name your module (e.g., Week 1: 10 Myths of Mindful Eating)
  • Add a Description (e.g., in this session, we'll go through 10 common myths)
  • Add a Date of Release: This will determine the "days into the course" that the content will be delivered. For example Day 1 will distribute content on the day you add a client to a course. Day 7 will distribute content on the 7th day from when you add a client. 
  • Select a module: This can be a video (Instructions here), a document, a survey, or an e-mail 

Step 6: Keep adding course materials until you have built out your curriculum. Reminder: adjust the "how many days" number for education modules to be distributed on a given cadence.

How to edit an existing program

Click on an existing course > Modules > Edit/Delete 

How do I re-order my programs? 

At this time, it is not possible to re-order programs that you have created. An upcoming release will enable this.