Creating and Editing a Program

  • Healthie's Programs tool enables providers and organizations to store and automatically distribute content to clients on a time-release schedule. This is commonly used for sending videos, quizzes, and documents in a curriculum-like setting for a set period of time. Overview of Healthie Programs

This article walks through:

  • How to create a new Program
  • How to edit an existing Program
  • How to copy a Program

How to create a new Program 

Step 1: Click on the Programs tab of Healthie's main dashboard (Note: Programs is accessible on Healthie's Practice Plus plan and above). 

Step 2: Click on "New Course" and enter a Name, Description, and Benefits of your course (you can modify these later). For example, 

  • "Erica's 12 Week Weight Loss Bootcamp"
  • "Expert content on how to eat mindfully"

Step 3: (Optional) Add an introductory video for your course. This will be visible to clients when clients view the course from their web or mobile portal. 

Step 4: Click "Create & Continue"

Step 5: Add a Module 

  • Name your module (e.g., Week 1: 10 Myths of Mindful Eating)
  • Add a Description (e.g., in this session, we'll go through 10 common myths)
  • Add a Date of Release: This will determine the "days into the course" that the content will be delivered. For example Day 1 will distribute content on the day you add a client to a course. Day 7 will distribute content on the 7th day from when you add a client. 
  • Select a module: This can be a video (Instructions here), a document, a survey, or an e-mail 

Step 6: Keep adding course materials until you have built out your curriculum. Reminder: adjust the "how many days" number for education modules to be distributed on a given cadence.

How to edit an existing program or reorder a module

Click on an existing course > Modules > Edit/Delete 

Need to move around the order of your modules? Simply click a module, and drag it to the new position on your list. 

How to copy a program

There may be instances in which you would like to Copy a Program you have been created in Healthie. For example, if you ran a Fixed Date course, and would like to run this course again, but make updates to the date, order of modules, or anything else, you may want to copy the program, to preserve your initial program. 

To do this in Healthie

  • Press the dropdown next to "Edit" of the program you'd like to copy. 
  • A duplicate program will appear in your programs list, with the name "Program Name - COPY"
  • You are able to change the name of this program by finding "Program Name - COPY" and pressing "Edit"
  • Clients enrolled in the original program are NOT enrolled in the Copied Program. 

Feel free to sign up for our Deep Dive Program Webinar to learn more on how to create a program and how to market to your clients -- Deep Dive Program Webinar