Sharing Multiple Client Packages

Client Packages within Healthie allow you to curate the services you offer and share these with clients. There are multiple ways that you can advertise your package offerings, including on your website, in newsletters and on social media, or sent directly to a specific client. 

Healthie makes it easy to create sharable links (that can be embedded or sent as a link). You are also able to share all of our packages at once, or share some / just one package at a time with a single link to curate the packages that you want a client to see. 

Follow these instructions if you'd like to pull a link for a single client package.


Get an embed code or sharing URL for multiple packages

To share a package link for multiple packages, Navigate to  Billing > Client Packages > Select a Single Package > Share 

Scrolling underneath the Preview, you will see an option to  SHARE MULTIPLE PACKAGES 

This link will allow you to select the provider(s) you want to associate with this package if you have a multi-provider business, as well as allow you to curate which of your packages you would like to display with this link. 

Embed codes versus sharing links

1. Add to Website (Embed):  

Embed code is added to the HTML of a website to have content displayed from an external source. In this case, Healthie is the external source, and your package(s) are the content. Clients are able to view your package details and get them directly from within this embed.

Copying this "embed" code will generate code that can be placed on your website, built-into your webpage. Clients are then able to purchase your package and book an appointment directly through your website, and a client account will automatically be created in your Healthie platform. If you desire, you can have all of your packages display on your site, or you can curate which specific packages will show. We review how to adjust the providers & packages associated with an embed code or link below. 


  • If you have a website designer, you can discuss with them which option will best fit your website, the embed or sharing link URL. 
  • If you are using WordPress, please make sure that you have a maximum of 1 bracket in your URL embedded link, otherwise WordPress may break your link. E-mail if you require assistance with this. 

2. Sharing Link: 

Links can be included in emails, chat messages, social media, on buttons within a website, and anywhere else that a link can be placed. A package sharing link is a quick way to direct someone to view your package details and get them directly from within a webpage that’s hosted by Healthie.

If you would like to share a package on a newsletter, social media post, or as a button on your website, select the "Sharing Link" tab. This generates a clickable URL that will show your package in a web browser tab. Clients are prompted to follow steps for filling out their billing information to purchase the package, and book a session. 

This URL shows just multiple packages If you'd like to display a single package, follow the instructions here

Customizing your package link 

If you have a multi-provider practice and/or multiple packages, Healthie enables you to customize which providers and/or packages can be associated with a single link. 

When multiple providers are selected, your client will first be prompted to select a provider they would like to work with when purchasing a package. Alternatively, they can select "No Preference." 

Use the "X" next to any providers or packages you do NOT want to be associated with your new share code. As you unselect packages, you'll see a "Preview" of what your clients will be able to see. 

You can also use the drop-down arrow to find providers/packages to add -- or you can start typing the provider/package name into the field to add it that way. 

Copy the link displayed to grab the embed code or sharing link. 

Tip: Click "See Live Version" to view how your package link will look when on your website or shared with a client. This will open up the preview in a new screen. 

Use cases for sharing multiple packages

There may be several reasons why you would like to share more than 1, but not all, of your client packages at a time, either as an embed or via a sharing link. Here are the two common reasons that providers will utilize this feature:

  • If you'd like to share a curated set of packages for a specific promotion you are running, you may want to select 2-3 packages for your newsletter / social
  • If you offer two different payment plans for the same package (e.g., a discounted package if payment is collected upfront, vs paid monthly) you can choose to display these packages side-by-side 
  • You have several different providers in your practice, and you want to create a purchase/packages link for each provider 

Provider Examples

Provider example sharing a  package via a sharing link > Buy now button links to a Healthie package purchasing link 

Provider example sharing a  package via an embed code (with multiple packages included -- which is optional) 

Group Practices & Organizations

If your business is interested in custom branding or workflows, please email us to discuss. 

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