Add an E-Signature to Client Forms or Chart Note Templates

As part of Healthie's intake form tool, you are able to build a read-only form that clients can then E-sign for your records. E-sign forms commonly include Notice of Privacy Policies, Cancellation Policies, and Office Policies. You may also want clients to sign off on the validity of their health history. 

In addition, you can add an e-signature to your charting forms, so that provider(s) within your practice can officially sign & complete a note. 


Add an e-Signature to a Client Form 

Healthie makes it easy to add a signature field (or even multiple signature fields) to a form for the provider and/or client to sign (ie. an intake form, policy, chart note, etc). 

If you are new to using Healthie's form builder, please review the article and video resources available here before getting started. 

To add an e-Signature field to a form: 

  • Navigate to Forms >  Form Builder > Locate your form 
  • From the Question Bank drop-down on the upper left menu bar, choose Agreement
  • Drag & drop the "Signature" field onto your form 

You can drag the signature field onto the form again if you want to collect multiple signatures (ie. one from the provider, and one from the client). 

Apart from a signature, there are two other Agreement fields that may be useful for your client forms. 

  • Require client to agree: a check-box will appear prompting the client to check/confirm that they agree or acknowledge the information provided. This is typically used when sharing policies/terms/conditions. 
  • Parent/Guardian name: you may want to include this field if you work with minors < 18 that will specify where a legal parent/guardian can e-sign and then type their name into the field. 

You can PREVIEW your form at any time, by clicking the blue "Options" button located at the top-right of the form > Preview. This will give you an idea of what the form will look like from the client experience. You can also generate a PDF version to store or print. 

Collect Multiple Signatures on a Form 

If you'd like to collect multiple signatures on a form, simply drag the Signature field onto your form 2+ times. 

We suggest that you  Edit the field name, to clarify who should sign which box. You can also drag other fields onto your form, like a short answer field to enter the Name of the person signing, and/or a date field. 

You are currently not able to edit the copy that reads " Please drag your mouse to e-sign this document"

A provider can sign an intake form after a client has filled it out via the following steps:

  • Navigate to your Client's Profile > Charting > View Client Forms 
  • Locate the form > [...] > Select Edit from the drop-down 
  • The client form will render for the provider to e-sign

Both the client and the provider will be able to view the completed form within Healthie.

Add an e-Signature to a Provider Charting Note Template

If you (or a provider in your organization) would like to e-sign chart notes on completion, you can easily add Healthie's e-signature field to any charting template. This will prompt the provider to electronically sign every note. 

  • Navigate to Forms > Select a Charting Form (or create a new one)  
  • From the Question Bank drop-down on the upper left menu bar, choose Agreement
  • Drag and drop the "Signature" field onto your form. 

When this charting form is selected, provider's will see the option to e-sign the form. This signature is automatically added to the note, and will be included if the charting note is shared or faxed

Add a Custom Signature to a Provider Chart Note Template 

If you'd rather not use the e-sign field,  you can add a custom signature (ie. akin to an email signature) to a charting template. This will automatically display on each charting note, and prevent providers from needing to sign notes. 

  • Navigate to Forms > Select a Charting Form (or create a new one)  
  • From the Question Bank drop-down on the upper left menu bar, choose Agreement
  • Drag and drop the "Agreement (Read Only)" field onto your form

Once the field is added to the form, you can Edit it. You can remove any copy from the field title (so it's left blank) and add in any information you'd like to include in the body of the field. 

This can include provider name, credentials, an image (headshot, picture of a standard signature, logo), contact information, website links, or anything else you'd like to add. 

Here's a sample signature for your reference. 

Once the provider selects this charting note, they'll see their custom signature field automatically included. 

Note for organizations: a charting template can be created for each team member, that includes their own custom signature. Just copy the charting template and adjust the custom signature section. You may want to rename each charting template with the provider's name or initials, so they can easily identify/select it when charting.  

Providers have the option to include or not include this custom signature field when sharing or faxing a chart note. 

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