Share a chart note with a client

As part of your workflows, you may find that post-charting, you'd like to share your note (or portions of your note) with your client, or with another provider. 

Healthie enables you to share your chart note (or portions of your note) directly from your charting session. 

While Healthie enables these features, we urge you to keep in mind that chart notes contain private health information, and often sensitive information, on your client. Please use these sharing options carefully. 

How to share a chart note 

To share a chart note, go to your client's profile and select "Charting" > "View Chart Notes" 

  • Find your chart note 
  • Click the "Share" Button on the top right 

This will open up a new view, which will allow you to select/deselect the fields that you would like to "share." You can also choose to add a header, or not, with your chart note. 

To preview the document you've created, click the "Preview" button on the top-right. A side panel will pop-out, showcasing what you can expect your final document to look like.

When you're ready to share your chart note, click the "Share Fields" button on the top-right. This will expand and showcase your options for sharing (download as a PDF, share to client's viewable documents, send as an E-Fax). 

Watch this quick tutorial video to walk through the note creation, and sharing process. 

Documents viewable by client 

If you choose to share your chart note (or portions of your note) with your client, select the corresponding option from the sharing menu. 

A pop-up will appear, asking you to give your chart note a title, and to indicate if you want your client to receive an email notification. This email will alert them that they have a new document available and prompt them to sign into their Healthie Client account in order to view the document. The chart notes that you share with clients will automatically go into a client folder called "Session Notes." Find a review of Healthie Documents here

As a reminder, this document will be viewable by your client, and accessible at any time. Please be mindful if you are sharing any sensitive information. Some reasons why you may want to share your chart note with your client: 

  • You'd like to provide post-session recommendations or goals 
  • Your client requests a copy of the note for their medical records or to share with other wellness providers
  • Your client needs a copy for insurance purposes (ie. to receive approval for a test or procedure) 

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