Sendgrid and Healthie

As part of our web semi white-label and web full-white-label, Healthie can send emails under your branding and domain. This can be accomplished in one of two ways. This will allow you to run analytics on e-mail deliverability and open rates.

1) We provision a sub-account with our transactional mail provider, and send under that. You do not need to have or maintain your own transactional mail account, but do not have direct access to the sub-account.
2) Alternatively, we can send via a Sendgrid account you control. You send us the API key, and we can then send emails directly through your account. This gives you direct access, but means Healthie will lose direct access to view & help troubleshoot any e-mail deliverability information. You are also responsible for maintaining the account. 

Overview of Sendgrid

E-mails to your clients are triggered automatically based on events that you or clients make in Healthie, and can include client invite e-mails, message notifications, appointment reminders, and much more. More information on E-mails to Clients can be found here. Healthie also helps you stay organized on the notifications history of your clients. 

Sengrid is the third-party back-end email software company that Healthie uses to send branded e-mails to your clients, on your behalf. This prevents you from having to manage your own e-mail server. Here is more information on Sendgrid

Benefits of accessing Sendgrid with Healthie

By accessing your Sendgrid account with Healthie, you are able to view and keep track of all email communication coming from the platform on your behalf and run analytics on e-mail deliverability to your clients. Your Sendgrid portal gives you a holistic view of what is being sent to your organization. 

You are able to: 

  • View a snapshot of recent e-mail related activities in your account
  • Pull insights & reports of your e-mail history 
  • Give your organization insight into client e-mail open rates. As one example, this access will allow you to see if certain clients or groups are not receiving your emails because of a company firewall or spam filters. 

Limitations of this access:

  • You would continue to edit the content of e-mails within your Healthie account
  • Sendgrid limits the history of e-mails sent, typically to the previous 7 calendar days. Healthie's notifications history feed shows a longer time frame of notifications sent to your clients. 

Set Up

If you are interested in setting this up please Contact Us with the subject line "Sendgrid".  This process will take 5-7 business days once we have received needed information from your team.

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