Photo ID Form

There may be instances in which you would like to request a form of client identification, e.g., a driver's license.

Within Healthie, you can request this information electronically, and obtain a photo of this information, using the Photo ID form, which you can include as part of an intake flow, or via request form completion

  • You will see this form as an option when you are in Intake Flows, or when you request a form manually from an existing client. 
  • You will not see this form in your Forms Library

This form is often used in conjunction with the Insurance Request Form.

Request Photo ID form manually from a client: 

If you'd like a new or existing client to complete a form

  • Navigate to their Client Profile > Request Form Completion
  • Click "Send Request Completion Email" next to Photo ID Form in the list
  • A side panel will appear, you can add additional clients to your request if needed 
  • Click "Send Request Form Completion Email" 

Add Photo ID form to an Intake Flow: 

Intake flows are a triggered series of forms automatically requested from a client (ie. during onboarding). To add the Photo ID form to an intake flow: 

  • Navigate to Forms > Intake Flows 
  • Locate your Intake Flow and click the actions tab (three dots) to the right > Manage 
  • Select "Add New Form" 
  • From the drop-down search for and select "Photo ID"

You have the option to make this form required by clients to complete, or skippable. 

Here is a preview of what your client will see when completing this form. 

Clients will be prompted to "Select File" and upload an image of their identification (ie. driver's license) from their local device. 

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