Refunding / adjusting a payment to a client

There may be instances in which you'd like to refund a payment for a client, or stop future payments within a recurring Client Package. For example, if a client decides to stop working with you, and you'd like to prevent future payments, you will want to change their subscription status. 


Refund a payment (full or partial)

Healthie enables you to directly refund a client the full amount or a partial amount of a payment received through the platform. There is no charge to you, or to your client, to initiate a refund, and the full amount paid by the client will be refunded to the client, unless you indicate a partial refund. Here are instructions to do this:

  • Navigate to Billing > Payments 
  • Select ClientPayment > [...] > Refund Payment 
  • Enter the amount you'd like to refund (you are able to partially refund a payment by entering an amount that is below the full paid amount)
  • Click Refund
  • Refunds take 5-10 business days to process, and credit will appear on the card that the client used for payment.

Stop Upcoming Payments

There may be instances in which you would like to stop a payment from a Client Package. This will ensure that clients are not charged for a service that they no longer need. Clients will not be charged for any recurring payments on that particular package. To do this:

  • Navigate to Billing > Payments > Actions  [...] > Stop Upcoming Payment 

Clients will not receive an e-mail notification that you have stopped payments, so you may want to let your client know that you have made this adjustment in their account.

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