Stop or Pause a Scheduled or Automatic Payment

Healthie directly integrates with Stripe, for built-in payment processing. This enables providers to link their bank accounts in order to collect & store client payment card details, send a client an invoice for electronic payment, sell packages for client's to purchase, or directly charge a client's card on file. 

Providers can charge clients directly for payments, schedule a one-time payment for a future date, or create a client package that will automatically collect client payment on purchase. Client packages can include recurring payments, like subscription services

This article covers stopping, or pausing & resuming a payment that will be processed in the future. 


Stop vs Pause a Pending Payment 

The main difference between stopping and pausing a payment is that only paused payments can be resumed. If you'd like to resume the payment in the future, use the Pause Payment option. 

Additionally, only recurring payments can be paused. A recurring payment typically means that a client has purchased a package with recurring payments. If you'd like to stop a one-time payment scheduled for a future date, use the Stop Payment option. 

Both “pause” & “stop” will result in the client keeping access to any credits, programs, labs, or products that were part of the package, and in both cases the renewal of credits will cease.

Tip: As you're managing your payments, here are some helpful symbols to be aware of that indicate a stopped, paused, or pending payment. 

Stop a Scheduled Payment 

If you've scheduled a client payment for a future date, or your client has purchased a package that has recurring payments, you can manage these payments. 

Navigate to Billing > Payments Page in your provider account. 

Scheduled payments (or payments that will automatically charge at a future date) will be displayed in the Payments List. You can identify these charges by the Clock Icon in the Status column. 

Select [...] next to your payment > Stop Automatic Payment 

A prompt will appear asking you to confirm if you'd like to stop the payment > Confirm that you'd like to Stop Payment. 

Click the X to cancel out the request. 

Once stopped, the Status Icon of the payment will change from Scheduled to Stopped. 

Note: Clients will still have access to sessions, programs, labs, or products purchased as part of the package; however, renewal of sessions will be stopped.

If you prefer, Click the  [...] to select Delete and remove the payment from your list. 

Pause & Resume a Recurring Payment 

Recurring payments can be manually paused at any time, by visiting the  Payments tab > locate the payment > [...] > Pause Automatic Payments

Note: Clients will still have access to sessions, programs, labs, or products purchased as part of the package; however, renewal of sessions will be paused until payments are resumed.

Payments can be manually resumed at any time, by revisiting the Payments tab > locate the payment > [...] > Restart Automatic Payments

Why Can't I Resume a Paused or Stopped Payment? 

If you are unable to resume a payment that you have paused, please check that your client has an active, valid, credit card on file. You can find more information on how to change or add a client's payment card on file

Additionally, if you have stopped the payment (as opposed to pause it), you will not be able to resume it at this time. Only paused payments can be resumed. If you've stopped a payment and would like to collect a payment from your client, you'll need to initiate a new payment. 

A planned update to Healthie will allow providers to resume any stopped automatic payments. At this time, you'll need to initiate a new payment charge if you'd like to charge your client. 

Viewing Stopped or Paused Package Payments 

Within the Client's Profile page, providers will see a "Packages" section that lists packages that the client has purchased. There will be a notification next to any packages that have feen paused or stopped. 

Hover over the notification button to view the date that a paused payment will resume.

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