Receiving Bank Transfers from Healthie

In Healthie, you can collect electronic payments from clients for invoices, client packages, and more. This is done through our integration with Stripe that connects your business bank account to your Healthie account. Our direct integration with Stripe eliminates the need for any 3rd party logins or payment processors -- you'll be able to accept payments and charge for services right from your Healthie account. 


Reviewing Bank Transfers

Once a day, payments that you received in Healthie from clients, are batched and transferred to your linked bank account. 

You can view all pending transfers in Billing > Payments > Transfers and review the following information: 

  • Date Transfer was initiated
  • Transfer amount (the total sum for the batch of payment transactions received that day) 
  • Number of transactions included in the Transfer (click to see a detailed break down for the transfer) 
  • Status of the Transfer (pending, failed, paid) 
  • Expected date that the Transfer will be complete 

Understanding Transfer Details 

Use the [...] tab > Transfer Details to review a total breakdown of the transfer. This information includes which payment transactions are included in the transfer, and the payment amount for each transaction. 

Click Generate Report to export this information as a .CSV file. 

Additionally, you can view the Payments Report & Dashboard to see details of all past transfers. 

When Will the Transfer Post to my Bank? 

While payments are batched on a daily basis, the transfer process itself takes about 3-5 business days. This time can vary slightly depending on how recently the bank account was added to the account and whether the bank is located outside of the US. For a US-based bank account, payments captured on a Thursday will typically land in your bank account on the following Monday.

The time of day on which the payment is collected can also affect the date of the transfer, as payments are batched in UTC time. If you collected a payment later in the day, it may be considered as collected on the following day and so will have a knock-on effect, impacting the transfer time.  Please note: bank holidays do not count as a business day.

Transfers happen in one total sum at the end of each day, generally between 7-8pm EST. This means that when looking at your bank statement, you will see the deposit from Healthie for the total amount of payments processed that day. 

Here is an example of what you can expect to see on your bank statement: 

Why Can't I see Transfers in my Healthie Account? 

If you are part of a group practice or organization, please reach out to an admin for your account to request the setting be enabled that will allow you to view Transfers. Healthie cannot enable this setting for your account if an admin has disabled it. 

How do Chargebacks and Refunds Work? 

Chargebacks occur when a client disputes a payment that was rendered to your business. They dispute the payment directly with their credit card or bank, which immediately initiates the chargeback process. Unfortunately, when a Chargeback is initiated, the payment is automatically restored to the client and may result in a negative bank transfer (see below). Learn more about Chargebacks

Refunds occur when a provider issues a return of payment to a client (partial or full refund). When a refund is initiated, the debit is included in your daily transfer amount. If there is not enough of a deposit/received funds within the transfer, a negative bank transfer will occur. 

Negative bank transfers: Healthie does not store your earned funds directly within the Healthie platform. Rather, through our direct integration with Stripe, a daily payout of the total sum you earned for the day is transferred automatically to your bank account. For refunds and chargebacks, the amount is debited from your bank transfer to cover those return of fund(s). If your transfer for the day does not have enough funds in it, a negative bank transfer will occur. This will credit a debit amount in your linked Stripe account for the remaining amount that is due to be returned. Subsequent positive bank transfers you receive via Healthie will go towards your debit amount prior to transferring to your bank account. 

Example for Reference: 

  • January 1 you received a total of $1200 in payments from clients 
  • Also on this day, you initiated a refund of $1500 for a client 
  • Your transfer from Healthie to Stripe will be -$300, which will create a negative $300 credit within your Stripe account. No funds will be transferred to your bank account. 
  • January 3 you received a total of $1000 payments from clients 
  • Your transfer from Healthie to Stripe will be $1000, but $300 is owed to pay the negative Stripe balance. $700 will be transferred to your bank account. 

Have More Questions? 

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