ACH Payments

You are able to collect payments via ACH from your customers via Healthie. There are several instances in which it will make sense for you to receive an ACH payment, rather than a credit/debit card, from your client, most frequent of which is that your organization partner requires invoicing and payment via ACH. 

Receive an ACH Payment via Healthie

If you have ACH Payments enabled on your account (you will need to e-mail to set this up), there are two steps that your client (or entity fulfilling an invoice) will need to take, in order for your organization to receive an ACH payment:

  1. Client adds their bank account information via "Billing Info" Form (The billing form will include ability to add Bank Account information, in addition to card information. 
    1. Note: You will not see this when Previewing an Intake Flow, so if you'd like to test the experience as a client, we recommend adding a test client to your account and walking through this flow. 
  2. Client's bank account will be verified. 
    1. Your client will receive two micro-deposits, 1-2 business days after they enter their bank account information.
      1. Note: This 1-2 business day processing period is an industry standard time period that cannot be accelerated, as it's the time required by payment processors to review. 
    2. Your client will need to visit this URL:, click "Verify", and add those amounts in. 
    3. Once verified, that bank account can now be used to make payments within Healthie.

3. You can process payments

a. Once your client has entered their bank account information, and the account has been verified, you are able to bill the client as normal. 

b. As with credit and debit cards, ACH payments will go into the bank account(s) that your account has on file with Healthie.

This multi-step process to have ACH payments approved and collectible within the platform is industry standard, to protect client and provider financial security. Unfortunately, it cannot be altered or shortened. 

ACH Payment Processing Fees

Payment processing fees for ACH payments are consistent with Healthie's payment processing fees overall, 2.9% + $0.30. 

Getting Started

Please Contact Us ( if you are interested in enabling the ability to receive ACH payments to your Healthie account. 

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