Billing Info Form

Healthie's  Billing Info form enables you to request debit or credit card information from clients during their onboarding process, while having information securely stored in their Client Profile. This will allow you to charge for services, and also ensuring that you have a valid payment method on file for cancellations, and other required needs. 

Credit card details are securely held by Healthie's PCI-compliant processor, and you are able to view the last four digits of the payment method on file, after the client has entered it. 

This article reviews how to leverage the Billing Info Form to electronically, and securely collect a form of payment from clients. 


Billing Info Form: Overview

Request a client's card information be securely kept on file. This is useful to charge no-show fees/cancellation fees, as well as purchase packages for clients on behalf of them. Once a form of payment is added to a client's account, a client can be charged or invoiced for services. 

The Billing Info form can be added to an Intake Flow for automatic completion during client onboarding. Alternatively, providers can send an ad-hoc request for client's to complete the form. Instructions for both are provided below. 

Please note, the Billing Info Form will not appear in your Form's Library, as it is a fixed-form and cannot be edited. 

To view forms that do not appear in your Forms, we suggest that you add them to an intake flow and "Preview" the flow. This will walk you through your client's experience with your electronic paperwork. 

Add Billing Info Form to an Intake Flow

To automatically collect billing details during onboarding, you can add the Billing Info form to an Intake Flow. An Intake Flow is a series of forms that a client will be prompted to complete electronically. 

Navigate to  Forms > Intake Flow > Select Intake Flow > Add Form to Intake Flow > "Billing Info"

When clients sign into Healthie to complete their intake forms, they will be prompted to enter their payment information. 

Manually Send the Billing Info Form to a Client 

Navigate to Client's Profile > Forms >  Request Form Completion

Choose the form that you'd like your client to complete. 

Your client will receive an e-mail / in-app notification with your form completion request. 

How Clients Add Their Billing Information

While completing their intake forms, clients will be prompted to enter their billing details within the form included card number, expiration date, and CVC code. 

They will be able to enter a valid credit, debit, or HSA/FSA card. The system will automatically detect if the card number entered is incorrect, and prompt the client to check the information they have entered. No charge is made to the card when a client inputs this information. 

Alternatively, clients can self-add a form of payment through their account when logged into the web browser. 

Settings > Update Payment Methods 

Clients can Edit or Add a new form of payment. They cannot however, delete a form of payment from their account. Providers maintain the ability to delete cards at their discretion. 

Note: Clients will not be able to update their form of payment from the Healthie mobile app at this time, as in-app payment process is not supported. 

View or Adjust Billing Information

Once a client has uploaded their billing information, you are able to view the last four digits within their Client Profile. For PCI-Compliance, you will not see the fully completed Billing Form, with all billing details. 

Learn more: Store, Add, or Change a Client's Credit Card on File

Credit Card Authorization Form

If you would like to incorporate an authorization as part of collecting billing information, you may may want to have a separate, E-Signable agreement for CC Authorization, in addition to the secure collection of card information via this Billing Form.  We recommend consulting with an attorney about this, to ensure that you're meeting business best practices. 

ACH Payments

If you have enabled collection of ACH payments, then your Billing Information form will contain a section for clients (or payers of invoices) to securely input their ACH information. Please follow these instructions to set this up.

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