Adding E-Rx Proxy Members

Healthie offers an E-Rx integration with Dosespot as an add-on to your Healthie plan, which enables clinical providers to prescribe medications electronically on behalf of their patients.

E-Rx permissions cannot be shared with other staff members, however, "proxy" access can be granted. 

With prescription "proxy" access, practice administrators can assign trusted members of their practice with the ability to complete specified prescription-related administrative tasks. These settings are managed by practice administrators at a practice level.

Proxy Clinicians can act on behalf of Prescribing Clinicians to add and edit prescriptions but cannot send or print pending prescriptions to a pharmacy. An NPI (National Provider Identifier) Number is not required. 

There is no fee for Proxy roles. 

Request Proxy Access for a Team Member 

If you have not requested e-Rx be enable for your account, please complete our E-Rx Application Form with your business & personal information. You can indicate if you would like your team members to have prescribing access, or proxy access as you complete the application. 

If you're already established with e-Rx but would like to add a new team member as a proxy, please follow the steps below. 

Send an email to and include: 

  • First & Last Name of team member(s) 
  • Date of birth of team member(s) 
  • Organization address (street, city, state, zip) 
  • Organization phone number 
  • Organization e-Fax number 

Once we receive your request, we will add your team members as Proxy members in Dosespot. Please allow 3-5 business days for the system to update. 

When access is granted, Proxy members are able to access e-Rx from within a Client's Profile

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