Zoom: Dial-in Details

In certain cases, clients may want to dial-in to a Zoom appointment using their phone, rather than joining via the Zoom application.  Zoom has a list of dial-in phone numbers you can access here, based on location.  

The dial-in details for a scheduled appointment can be found by navigating to the Appointment > Session Details > Zoom Dial-in Info

Note: A subsequent release will allow clients to directly access Zoom Dial-In information. 

Clicking the Dial-In link will give a full display of the dial-in details, which will allow the provider to join the call by phone. 

Please refer to this Zoom help guide to learn more about dial-in details:


Dial-In Info on Mobile 

When logged into the Healthie Mobile App, providers and clients can navigate to Schedule > Appointment > Zoom Dial-In Info

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