Zoom: Troubleshooting

Through Healthie's integration with Zoom, your Zoom video chat sessions and webinars will be launched through the Zoom application. If you are having any issues launching your Zoom call, we recommend that you visit the Zoom Support Site first to help troubleshoot your issues. 

As a reminder, both providers and clients do need to download the Zoom app in order to launch a Zoom call through Healthie, however, you do NOT need to create an account or provide login information. When clicking on the Zoom link that you've generated in your Zoom appointment, you'll be prompted to download the Zoom App. Follow these instructions to ensure that the software is downloaded appropriately on your computer.

Issues covered in Zoom's Support Site: 

Logging into a Zoom call through Healthie 

When set up correctly, you will not be asked to log in when using Zoom links through Healthie.

The most common things that can cause you to be prompted for a log-in (or seeing a message Waiting for Host to Join)

  • You are signed into another Zoom account.
  • The host is using an incorrect link (potentially the link meant for clients)
  • The link itself is invalid

Your client's experience during a Zoom call 

When a client (or you) book a telehealth appointment, they will automatically receive a confirmation email as well as an email appointment reminder. Adjust your appointment reminders to clients here

For a Healthie Zoom call, your client will need to download the Zoom app prior to launching the call. You can let your client know this in advance, by sharing the Telehealth FAQs client handout (listed below). 

Below you'll find some free client resources that you may want to leverage with your clients, to help introduce them both to Healthie and Telehealth sessions. 

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