Schedule a Client Payment

Healthie directly integrates with Stripe, for built-in payment processing. This enables providers to link their bank accounts in order to collect & store client payment card details, send a client an invoice for electronic payment, sell packages for client's to purchase, or directly charge a client's card on file. 

Directly charging a client can be done from either the Payments page of your account, or from Client Packages

Through either payment approach, providers have the option to select the specific date that the charge should be process - enable a payment to be scheduled for the future. 

Once the payment has been process, the client will receive a confirmation receipt of service purchased. The receipt will indicate the Charge Reason that you entered, as well as the price of what was purchased. If you've scheduled a payment for a future date, the client will not receive the confirmation receipt until their card has been charged. 

At this time, you cannot select a specific time for a payment card to be charged. Scheduled payments will automatically charge in the morning on the day that you indicated. 

Schedule a Payment from the Payments Page

Navigate Billing > Payments > Charge Client 

Complete the requested details, and select the Payment Date that you would like the payment to be processed. 

Schedule a Payment from the Client Packages Page 

Billing > Client Packages > Locate Package > Charge

Once you've selected Charge, complete the requested details, and select the Payment Date that you would like the payment to be processed. 

Stop a Scheduled or Automatic Payment 

You can easily stop a scheduled or automatic payment from your Payments Page. Follow the steps outlined here

Adjust the Date/Time of a Schedule Payment 

There may be an instance where the payment date needs to be adjusted for a client payment. Payments in Healthie can be edited, and the date changed. Learn more.

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