Add a Document or Photo to an Intake Flow

There may be instances where you would like a document/resource to be shared along with a flow of client forms. For example, you may want to include a handout or resource that new clients can view while completing new client forms. This could include office instructions, educational resources, and more. To achieve this, you can share a document within an intake flow

Alternatively, you can upload the document to your Library in Healthie, and share it with the client directly. They'll receive an email notification that you've shared a resource with them, and will be prompted to sign into their Healthie client account to access it. 

Steps to a Document to an Intake Flow 

1. Upload Document to Your Library 

Navigate to Documents in your Healthie account > Add Document 

Follow the on-screen prompts to select your document. It will now be stored in your Healthie Documents Library. 

Learn more (Getting Started: Documents). 

2. Add Document to an Intake Form 

Only intake forms can be added to an intake flow within Healthie. If you'd like your document to appear in the intake flow, you'll first need to add it to an intake form. 

  • Forms > Select/Create a Form
  • From the Agreement category of questions > Select the Documents field 
  • Drag the Documents field onto your form 
  • Edit the field, and select the appropriate document from the drop-down (the form must exist in your Healthie Documents library, as mentioned above) 
  • You can delete the word "Document" in the Field Label, and either leave it blank, or replace it with other copy (ie. directions for clients) 

3. Add Document/Form to an Intake Flow 

Navigate to Forms > Intake Flows in your Healthie account 

From here you can either create a new intake flow, or your document/form to an existing flow. Use the drop-down to search for and add your form. 

Click Preview on the top-right of your account to see what your client's will experience when completing the intake flow. 

Documents will display as attachments in your form. Clicking the attachment link will immediately download the document to your client's local device. 

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