Getting Started: Intake Flows

After you have selected intake forms that you'd like clients to complete, you can place these forms into an intake flow. An intake flow is a bundle of forms and agreements that can be automatically shared at once for a client to complete electronically. 

Intake flows string together assessments, policies and e-sign agreements, privacy notices, billing info and insurance information collection forms, and any other materials you'd like clients to complete as they work with you.  

Once set up, intake flows are automatically sent to your clients when they are added to your Healthie provider portal. As a result, clients are prompted to complete the requested forms upon logging into Healthie. 

You can receive an e-mail or in app push notification when clients begin and complete their intake flows, and you are able to view the status and responses of intake flows within a client's profile. Learn more about how to do so here

Create an Intake Flow

Step 1: Navigate to  Forms >  Intake Flows >  Create Intake Flow button. 

You will be prompted to give your intake flow a name, and select the group(s) that you'd like your intake flow to be associated with.  

Step 2: After selecting your Intake Flow Name within the Intake Flows tab, please review your Welcome Page (which is automatically added to your Intake Flow) by clicking on "Welcome." You are able to edit or delete this message. This is the first page your client will see upon logging into the Healthie web portal on their desktop or mobile app. 

Step 3: Add additional forms to your intake flow by clicking on "Add a form to this Intake Flow".  

This drop-down list will show standard electronic forms that are available within Healthie's template library here, as well as any custom intake forms that you have built into your system. 

You will have the option to check forms as Required; if a form is not marked as required, clients are able to skip the entire form and move onto the next, while running through your intake flow. 

If the form is made to be optional and not required, clients will see a "Skip Step" button on the bottom right corner of their intake form.

Note: All intake forms must be either completed or skipped prior to a client having full access to their Healthie account (e.g., ability to view your documents, view packages, and more). 

Step 4: Finalize your Intake Flow. After adding the form(s) that you'd like to incorporate as part of your intake flow, you are able to drag and drop the forms to adjust the order in which you'd like clients to review and complete your forms.  You can then able to click the "Preview" button to view your intake flow from the client's perspective and make adjustments therein.  

Edit an Intake Flow

If you'd like to modify an existing intake flow, you are able to do so at any time by navigating to Forms > Intake Flows and either clicking directly on the Intake Flow name or on [...] > Manage. From here, you can delete and/or add forms to a specific intake flow that you have created.  

Removing an intake form within an intake flow will NOT delete forms that have already been sent to clients, nor will it delete the completed form that a client may have already filled out.  

Adding an intake form to an intake flow that has already been shared with clients will prompt clients to complete the forms you have added, when they log in next.

Note: Clients will NOT receive an e-mail that you have added a form for them to complete regardless of whether or not it is Required, so you may want to send the client(s) a form reminder

Use Cases for Multiple Intake Flows

Healthie's intake flow tool enables you to have multiple intake flows. This can be useful if you have multiple types of offerings or services, and want different clients to fill out different sets of forms accordingly. 

Another use case for multiple intake flows is if you offer free consultations or discovery sessions for clients, and do not want your clients to fill out paperwork for this introductory call, but rather only afterwards if they are a fit. In this instance, you may want to create a very simple intake flow/interest form for your prospective clients. 

You are able to assign multiple groups to the same intake flow if you'd like, so you do not need to create one intake flow per group. You can manage group assignments by navigating to Forms > Intake Flows > Intake Flow Title [...] > Change Groups.

Note: If a group (ie. Group A) has an intake flow assigned, clients in Group A will not receive the Default Intake Flow. If a group does not have an intake flow assigned, then they will receive the Default Intake Flow.

Connecting Intake Flows with Groups

If you have created multiple Client Groups, you can set up different intake flows for some and/or all of these groups to customize the forms that clients in these groups will be prompted to complete. In other words, if you'd like clients to complete different intake flows, we recommend placing them into different groups. 

Once you have created a Client Group, you will be prompted to assign an Intake Flow to that Group as part of creating an Intake Flow. You are also able to assign multiple groups to a single intake flow. If a Client Group isn't assigned an Intake Flow, they will be sent the default Intake Flow when the client's Group is adjusted.

Here are some best practices for managing Client Groups

  • If you change your client's group at any point, whether it be manually or when they book an appointment or purchase a package associated with a specific group, the client will be prompted to fill out the intake flow for the new group. 
  • If you have one group of clients, you will only need one intake flow. For example, you can name this Intake Flow and Client Group "Default."
  • If you work with pediatric clients and adult clients, you can create two groups (ie. "Pediatric Patients" and "Adult Patients") and two different intake flows. Then you can assign each group to its respective intake flow.

Preview and Manage an Intake Flow

If you would like to preview the intake flow and/or onboarding process, as your clients will experience it, this can be done by previewing the Intake flow. Navigate to Forms > Intake Flows > Intake Flow Name [...] > Manage.

From here, you will see the option to add and/or remove forms as well as rearrange order of forms. To preview the intake flow, click on the Preview button at the top right of the page.

For many forms, you'll see an Edit icon option which will allow you to adjust some of the copy for the form, and customize the onboarding experience. If any direct edits to a form's fields need to be made, you will need to open the form directly within the Forms > Your Forms library and adjust the form directly. 

Note: Specific Healthie forms such as Billing InfoInsurance FormPhoto ID, and Profile Picture are not located in the Forms Library. These forms can only be added to an Intake Flow, or requested for a client to complete. Some copy updates can be made when previewing these forms within an Intake Flow. 

Additional Resources

This brief overview video walks through the core features of Healthie Intake Flows, including how to create a flow, ways to connect flows to client groups, and how to change your default intake flow.

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