Getting Started: Documents

The Documents feature within Healthie enables providers to store and share educational resources, recipes, meal plans, and industry handouts. Healthie Documents replace the need for you to keep a local folder on a computer, and can acts as a "Google Drive" or "Dropbox" for you, as you build the repository of materials needed in your business. 

For group practices and organizations, documents become a powerful tool for cross-collaboration, as providers can share resources with each other to save time and streamline operations. 

You can import documents from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, and even take a picture from your phone on the Healthie Mobile app and store these in your Documents platform. 

You are also able to share documents that you have uploaded as part of a Program

Please note: This feature is distinct from storing documents that are specific to a client

File types supported in Healthie Documents

  • Documents (.doc, .docx)
  • PDFs (including any E-books you have created and may want to share with clients)
  • Excel (.xls, xlsx, .csv)
  • .mp3 files (for sharing audio with clients, and tying Audio to Programs)
  • .mpeg files (for sharing audio with clients, and tying Audio to Programs
  • .mp4 files (for sharing videos with clients) up to 50mb

Clients and providers can  easily sort through their Documents library with a sort filter for "Type." A drop-down will display allowing you to sort by any files you have, including: 

  • Images (GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG)
  • PDF's
  • Text (DOC, RTF, TXT
  • Video (MP4, MPG)
  • Presentations (PPS, PPT)
  • Spreadsheets (CSV, XLS)
  • Other

How to add a new resource 

  • Locate the "Documents" tab on your provider dashboard. 
  • Upload the document you would like to share by clicking the "Upload Document" icon.
  • Select the file from your computer. 
  • Click on "Upload"

Note: Clients will receive an e-mail notification that you have shared a document with them, and they will also receive a link to view the document. 

More information on sharing a document with client(s) can be found here.

Bulk File Upload: If you have a large amount of files to upload to Healthie, we can assist you with a bulk import & upload of these documents. Please send a zip file with your documents to Our team will verify when the import is complete. This service is available at no cost to members on any paid subscription plan. 

Sharing resources with clients 

You can easily share a resource or folder with a client(s) and even have certain resources automatically share with client(s). 

To share a resource or folder:

  • Click the "Actions" icon (three dots) next to the folder or resource you would like to share  
  • From the "Share With" drop-down, select the client(s) or client group(s)
  • Click the blue "Save" button

There are two automatic sharing features available: 

  1. Share with all active clients: this will allow you to make your resource available to anyone who is an active client (archived clients will not receive). Check the box next to "Share with all active clients" and use the x next to a client (or group) name to remove them from the list. Click "Save" 
  2. Share with all new clients when they join: every new client moving forward that is added to Healthie will automatically have access to this resource through their Healthie Client Portal. Check "Share with all new clients when they join" and click the "Save" button. 

Learn how to unshare a document with a client here

Sharing resources within your organization 

If you are using Healthie as part of a business with multiple providers/administrators, you can leverage the Documents platform to share documents internally within your organization:

  • If you would like to share a document/folder with other members in your organization, click the "Actions" icon (three dots) next to the folder or resource you would like to share  
  • Check the box next to "Share with other members in your organization"
  • Click the blue "Save" button

If you are in a group practice but do not see documents/folders that you know other members in your organization have uploaded, this may be a permissions setting. Please connect with your system administrator and request that they enable the setting on your account called "Can view documents of other members in an organization."

 To share a document with a Client Group automatically:

  • Documents tab > Actions tab (three dots) 
  • Select "Share" 
  • From the option, locate your Client Group 

Once you select Share, another pop-up box will appear for you to select an individual name or a group:

Your list of groups will appear at the top. Once you select the group's name, anyone who's in the group or placed into the group, that document will automatically be shared with them.

Screen-Shot-2021-01-20-at-3-34-12-PM.png Screen-Shot-2021-01-20-at-3-33-29-PM.png

Actions available for resources 

When logged into your Healthie provider account from the web browser, you can click the actions tab (three dots) next to a resource or folder to find additional action items.

Preview: clicking the preview item will allow you to view your resource. This can be helpful if you need to recall what information the resource contains. You are not able to make any edits to the document in this view. 

Download: if you'd like to download the resource to your device, click the download button. If you'd like to edit your resource, we suggest you download a copy, make your edits, and re-upload the resource to your library. 

Share: you can share a resource or folder with a client, group of clients, and/or other members of your organization. 

Rename: change the name of your resource. Clients will be able to see the name of your document, so we recommend using a name that is relevant to the resource (ie. Tips for Managing Diabetes) 

Move: rearrange your documents and organize them into folders so that you can easily find and share resources. 

Add Note: create an internal note for your resource, such as what information is contained, or how other members of your organization can utilize this resource with clients. Clients will not see notes. 

Convert to Private Document: remove your resource from your general Documents library, and instead add it to a client's chart as a private document. Clients will not see private documents. For example, if you've created a personalized meal plan for a client, or have a resource that contains private health information for a client -- prevent this document from being shared with other clients or organization members by converting it to a private document. 

Delete: permanently delete a resource from your library. 

Additionally, for documents uploaded directly to a client's profile, you have the ability to include them within the chart notes. To do so, navigate to the client's profile, click on the Charting tab, and select "View Documents." From here, you can see all of the documents within this client's profile, and select any PDF to include in the charting section of a client's profile. 

E-Fax a resource

You can securely fax a resource directly through your Healthie provider account. All Healthie membership plans include free outbound fax, however inbound faxing requires you to setup a fax line at an additional cost. Learn more about E-Fax here

To e-fax a resource: 

  • Click the "Fax" button on the top-right of your Documents library 
  • From the drop-down, find the resource you would like to fax. 
  • Complete the remaining e-fax form details 
  • Send your fax. 

Note: you are only able to e-fax/select resources that are currently uploaded to your Documents library. You cannot attach a document that is stored locally on your computer, so please upload it to Healthie first. 

Using Documents on the Healthie mobile app 

Designed to allow you to have access to your office, and work with clients on-the-go, Healthie's mobile app allows you to access your Documents library from your mobile app. From the app, providers are able to: 

  • Upload images and documents from your phone directly into your Documents library
  • Create folders 
  • View and share entire Documents library 
  • Open documents in the web browser on your phone
  • Use your mobile phone sharing options (ie. print, send, etc)
  • Download a document 

Learn more about using Documents on the Healthie mobile app here

Additional resources 

This brief overview video walks through the core features of Healthie Goals, including your client's experience with goal setting -- both from the web browser and the Healthie mobile app. 

Prefer to learn live? 

Join a Healthie Live Class to learn more about setting up your Healthie account and engaging with clients. Make the most of the Healthie platform with these free live tutorials, open to all Healthie members. 

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