Create Recurring Intake Forms for Clients to Complete

There may be an instance in which you would like to have client(s) fill out the same intake form more than once, but have this capability live outside of a Program that you offer. Reasons for this could include wanting to send out a weekly survey, asking for an update to a journal, or something else. 

You can set this up within Healthie to apply to clients and/or groups, such that it's possible to request a form completion from multiple clients or groups at the same time. You are also able to select the frequency of when the form will be requested for clients to complete (daily, weekly, monthly, or multiple times per week).

Note: If you'd like a client to simply complete a flow of forms again (and not have the forms set to be recurring), you can do so by manually requesting them to complete a form. Even if they've completed the form in the past, they will be prompted to complete the form again. 

Accessing Recurring Intake Form Feature

Specific Client

If you would like a specific client to complete an intake form on a recurring basis, 

  • Navigate to their Profile > Charting > Request Form Completion
  • Find the form that you would like to request, and click the blue button "Send Request Completion Email"
  • Click "Send New Request" 
  • A side-panel drawer will slide out, allowing you to adjust the frequency of your request, add client(s) or group(s), select your form, and also set an end date (optional). 

Client Groups

If you would like a group to complete an intake form on a recurring basis, navigate to Clients > Groups > Actions > Request Form Completion.

Specific Client and/or Client Group

To access recurring form completion for a specific form, navigate to Forms > Click the actions tab (3 dots) > Request Form Completion. You will be able to then select the clients/groups, and frequency of recurrence.

Settings for Recurring Intake Form

You will be asked to complete:

  • The Clients and/or Groups that you'd like to be prompted to complete the form
  • The form to request
  • Recurrence frequency (E.g., Daily, Weekly, Every 2 Weeks, Monthly Quarterly, Monthly)
  • Day of the week you'd like the form completion reminder to send (ie. Mondays) 
  • The End Date

Adjust or Stop a Recurring Form

Client Groups:

If you'd like to stop a recurring form from sending to a Client Group you can do so in the group settings. 

Clients > Groups > Actions Tab (3 dots) > Edit Recurring Forms

Again, click the Actions Tab (3 dots) to Edit Recurrence or Stop Recurrence

Specific Client:

To cancel a recurring form for a specific client, navigate to the Client Profile > Charting > Forms > View Client Forms

Click the status next to the form. Recurring forms are indicated by a recurring time icon. From the drop down, select Remove Recurrence.

A pop-up will ask you to confirm your cancellation request. 

Client Notifications

Clients will receive an e-mail indicating that you've requested that they complete a form, with a link to access it. Moreover, like with other intake form notifications, they will be prompted to complete the form when they log into their web portal. 

Accessing Completed Forms

You can access completed recurring forms within a client's profile and download responses in aggregate for all clients who have completed the form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I delete recurring requested Forms without turning the recurring request off?

When it comes to Healthie Intake Forms, they cannot be deleted.

If one of your forms has not yet been sent/requested (so if this had a date in the future), you can click Actions (...) > Delete Request which will stop that specific form request from being sent to them.


When one of your forms has been sent/requested, you can also select Remove Recurrence which will stop future recurrences/future form requests for that form from being sent out to that client at all.


While you can edit the form if there are any changes you'd like to make for your client, they are unable to be deleted.

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