Adjust email and push notification preferences

The Heathie platform automatically sends you and your clients' emails and push notifications to keep you updated on client activity, account activity, and business needs. E-mail notifications are sent to your e-mail address on file, and push notifications are sent through the mobile apps to notify you of updates and actions. 

These notification preferences can be customized to meet your specific business preferences. 

Note: Healthie is legally obligated to send transactional emails and account notifications so you are unable to opt out of those.

Set email and push notification preferences

To customize your email and push notifications: 

  • Navigate to Settings (Gear Icon) > Settings 
  • Select "Notifications" from the left-hand menu under "Personal" 

Notifications are grouped into categories to help you easily customize your notifications, including: 

  • Client activity 
  • Chat 
  • Appointments 
  • Payments 
  • Documents 
  • Faxing 

Scroll through the list of notifications, and check the box next to how you would like to receive these updates (via email, or via push if available). If you would not like to receive notifications for a particular update, then deselect the boxes. 

Your preference selections automatically save, you do not need to manually save them. A green "Saved" indicator will appear at the top of the page to confirm your changes have been saved. You can always return to these settings and adjust them in the future. 

Notifications on Healthie mobile app 

You can enable/disable email and push notifications, for the web platform, as well as the mobile app, to adjust your settings for the following features within the platform: 

  • A new client has enrolled onto your account
  • Chat
  • Reactions and comments on food journal, workouts, metrics, and selfies
  • Upcoming Appointments.
  • If a client modifies an upcoming Appointment by cancelling or rescheduling.
  • Upcoming Telehealth Sessions (a reminder push notifications 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of a video call) 
  • Goals

To enable push notifications from your Healthie mobile app 

Enable telehealth push notifications for your mobile device:

Enable other push notifications: 

Log into your Healthie account from a computer, web browser, or your mobile device. Navigate to Menu > Notifications and you will see your menu of notification options appear.

Click "Save" to update your preferences

Adjusting email and push notifications for clients

Clients can also adjust their own notification preferences via email and push notifications. You can share the following article with your clients:  Email and push notification preferences

You can also adjust the frequency of appointment confirmation & reminder e-mails / SMS messages. Details here.

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