Create custom onboarding flow with provider matchmaking

Leveraging Healthie's API, we commonly see organizations build out proprietary onboarding solutions that combine questions from intake forms with provider booking

For example, you are able to: 

  • Customize the questions that you'd like to ask (e.g., state, disease condition, age, specialty, insurance, etc)
  • Have a single question show up at a time (versus all questions that may appear on an entire intake form by default)
  • Leverage conditional questions to have follow-up questions based on responses
  • Leverage auto-scoring (e.g., for forms like PHQ-9)

and subsequently build out a matchmaking engine with your clinician network based on factors like State Licensure, Tags, and more.

Additionally, you can leverage the API to have clients assigned to a particular group, with subsequent automations, based on their responses. 

Here is an example onboarding flow built out leveraging Healthie's API. 

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