Reschedule or Cancel Appointments

Utilizing Healthie's Calendar system, there are various ways that client appointments can be booked. Healthie is designed to make the booking process simple for both practitioners, and clients. With a high-level of customization, you can ultimately set your preferred workflows for handling appointments. 

This article covers how to reschedule or cancel an appointment that is already scheduled. 

Reschedule an Appointment 

To  EDIT or RESCHEDULE an appointment that is already scheduled: 

  • Navigate to your Calendar within Healthie 
  • Either click the appointment you'd like to edit or drag and drop the appointment block to another time slot.
  • If you've clicked on the appointment you'd like to edit, a side panel will appear, and click the Pencil Icon on the top right. 
  • If you drag and drop the appointment block to another time slot, you'll see a side panel appear saying "Please confirm that you'd like to change the following."
  • Make changes to your appointment and click "Save." 

Clients will receive an email notification that there appointment date/time has been changed.

Cancel an Appointment

To  CANCEL an appointment on your calendar, click on the appointment and then click the "Trash Icon" - when you do this:

  • Your client will receive a notification email about the cancellation
  • You can either set the appointment status to "Cancelled", in which case it will remain or click the remove button to remove it from your calendar entirely (if you remove it entirely, it will NOT show up in your Reports)

A confirmation screen will appear, asking you to confirm your decision to cancel the appointment. 

Client Cancels or Reschedules an Appointment

If your settings allow clients to self-cancel and/or self re-schedule, this is what happens when a client cancels an appointment: 

  • You'll receive a notification email letting you know of the cancellation or reschedule (ensure you've set up your notification e-mails
  • The client and provider will see the appointment as grayed out on the calendar, with a "cancelled status"

If your settings allow clients to self-cancel and/or self re-schedule, this is what happens when a client reschedules an appointment: 

  • The appointment will automatically move on your calendar to the new date/time that the client has scheduled for.
  • The provider for this appointment will receive an email notification of the updated appointment details.
  • You'll also see a notification (bell icon) with the details of the new appointment. Click the notification to view the full appointment details.

It is not currently possible to see if a client (or a provider) canceled or rescheduled the appointment. Providers can reach out to to request this data from Healthie's back-end data logs. 

View a Report of Cancelled Appointments

It may be valuable to run an analysis of your cancelled reports to see how often clients are cancelling, for example if a particular client is cancelling disproportionally. In this instance, you can pull an Appointments Report for your business.

Note: If you delete an appointment from your calendar, rather than changing the appointment status, the appointment will not be included in any reports you run on your calendar. If you would like data on appointments that were cancelled or no-showed, please be sure to change the appointment status rather than removing it from your calendar.

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