Cancelling an appointment

There may be several reasons why an appointment needs to be cancelled / has been cancelled on your calendar, including:

  • Client cancels due to change in availability, and does / does not reschedule the appointment, but rather, cancels it
  • You have a change in your schedule, and would like to cancel / reschedule an appointment
  • You work in a multi-provider business, and would like to change the provider who is taking the appointment  on behalf of the practice

Healthie's calendar facilitates these situations. This article walks through: 

  • Client cancels an appointment
  • You (provider) want to cancel appointment
  • Viewing your report of canceled appointments 
  • Tying a cancellation to your cancellation policy and / or cancellation fee

Client cancels an appointment

When a client cancels an appointment: 

  1. You'll receive a notification email letting you know of the cancellation (ensure you've set up your notification e-mails
  2. The appointment will remain on your calendar, but will be marked as cancelled. You'll see the appointment in gray (unless you've set up custom color coding on your calendar

If you'd like to remove the appointment from your calendar completely, Click on the appointment and then click "Cancel". 

You (Provider) want to cancel appointment

To cancel an appointment on your calendar, click on the appointment and then select 'Cancel" - when you do this:

  1. Your client will receive a notification email about the cancellation
  2. You can either set the appointment status to "Cancelled", in which case it will remain or click the remove button to remove it from your calendar entirely (if you remove it entirely, it will NOT show up in your Reports)

Viewing your report of canceled appointments

It may be valuable to run an analysis of your cancelled reports to see how often clients are cancelling, if a particular client is cancelling disproportionally, or something else. In this instance, you can pull an Appointments Report for your business. This could inform changes to your appointment and cancellation fees. Learn more

Tying a cancellation to your cancellation policy and / or cancellation fee

Many businesses elect to incorporate a cancellation fee into an intake form, that a client adheres to as part of their initial paperwork of your policies and fees. 

If a client cancels their appointment, and you have a cancellation policy in place, we recommend charging this client as a one-time fee.

Because of the fact that our providers sometimes make exceptions to their cancellation policy (extenuating circumstance, sick, vacation, or something else), which requires the provider's judgment call, the system does not automatically enforce your cancellation fee in the event of cancellation.