Viewing details about a specific appointment

Within Healthie's calendar, you are able to view details about a specific upcoming appointment. 

From Healthie's Calendar, click on the specific appointment you would like to see details on. You will see the following screen appear.

Directly from this appointment detail view, you are able to: 

  • View basic information about the client: Hovering over the client name will showcase the client's name, phone number, date of birth, weight, group, and quick notes
  • Go directly to charting notes: Clicking on this link will take you directly to charting for this client session. Once you have completed the chart note, the status will switch from "not written" to "written" 
  • Duration: You are able to update the "actual" length of time of a specific appointment session here
  • Appointment status: You are able to mark a session as occurred, cancelled, no-show, or rescheduled. Details inputted here can be collated in your Appointment Report. A client does NOT receive an e-mail if you have marked an appointment as no-show, but it will be reflected on your calendar internally.