Getting Started: The Harbor by Healthie (fka Marketplace)

The Harbor is our over-arching name to describe the multiple types of integrations available with Healthie's electronic health record and patient engagement platform. At Healthie, our two primary integration types are "Built-In" integrations and "Partner" integrations. Built-In integrations are added to Healthie by Healthie and are typically included in your sales contract with us. On the other hand, our API allows third-party organizations to integrate with our platform to help enhance your user experience of both the Healthie platform and the third-parties. Healthie is not responsible for the depth and functionality by the third-party built integrations. In the Harbor, you can filter through who our organizations were developed by via the "Developed By" filter. Developed by Healthie refers to "built-in integrations" while "Developed by Partner" refers to Partner integrations.

The Harbor Website

Become a Partner

In order to become a Harbor partner, please visit Become a Harbor Partner and start by filling out the Harbor Partner Application. (Note: Our team receives a large number of applications. Filling out the application does not guarantee admittance into the partner program.) Our team should reach out within 3-5 business days with guidance on next steps or detailing what to expect during the rest of the partner implementation process. Due to the volume of requests and our resources, we're only able to accept a limited number of new partners each quarter.

Questions about joining the Harbor will likely be answered in Become a Harbor Partner

Questions about integrating with Healthie will likely be answered in Getting Started: Integration Best Practices

For Healthie Customers

To learn more about what integrations are available in our Harbor, please visit the Harbor website. As noted above, Healthie has multiple types of integrations and the integration type affects how you contract and activate the integration. More pricing and integration information can be found at the partner's profile page. If you have questions on a specific partner, please reach out to your Sales or Customer Success primary point of contact.

Healthie Customer FAQS

I use another software in addition to Healthie and I'd like them to integrate with Healthie. Can I request they join the marketplace?

If you'd like to suggest a company join the Harbor, please fill out this form.

Do I have access to all Harbor partners?

On the Harbor website, there is a filter detailed "Available for Healthie Plan" on every profile. You may also filter results by Plan.

I'm a Healthie customer that would like to see an integration enhanced or modified. Where can I suggest the enhancement?

If you'd like to see an integration enhanced or modified, please email or contact your point of contact that the third-party company. Please note that integrations built by third-parties are managed and updated by third-parties; therefore, Healthie can make no guarantees as to if and when the enhancements are made by the third party.

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