Integration Best Practices: E-Labs

This article is for marketplace partners looking to integrate with the E-Labs functionality of Healthie.

Healthie's integrations with Labs allow practices to see the lab orders within Healthie and automatically get their patients' results back into Healthie.

You can learn more about E-Labs in Healthie here.

Developer Resources

Lab Ordering

The Ordering of Labs will still occur in your platform UI.

You can use the createLabOrder mutation to send the order back into Healthie, and it can appear as pending or a draft.

Builders Note: Do you want your customers to view all pending and draft orders in Healthie, or only results?

Send Lab Results Back to Healthie

We recommend 1 of 2 options for sending Lab Results Back to Healthie:

  • 1. As a PDF
    • Results can be sent back into Healthie as a PDF using the createDocument mutation.
      • It's important to indicate what folder this document should fall in. See the screenshot below for a patient's document's section.

  • 2. Discrete Data
    • Discrete results can come back into Healthie via the createLabOrder mutation.
    • Discrete lab results appear in the Labs section of Healthie.

Additional Workflow Options to Consider

Some organizations may wish to follow on lab order results or quickly review lab results that are out of the expected range. A common workflow in Healthie is to create smart tasks.

Read more about smart tasks here.

Using the createTask mutation you can create smart tasks for staff members or providers to complete. Included in the functionality is a level of urgency so depending on the severity or need for review, the task can be designated lower or higher in priority.

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