Getting Started: Integration Best Practices

This article is for marketplace partners looking to integrate with Healthie. Healthie's marketplace allows third-party applications and services to integrate with Healthie customers via our proprietary API. By following our best practice document and frequently asked questions, your organization can integrate with Healthie customers in a way that best matches the expected user experience.

Common Integration Questions to Consider

  • How will Healthie's customers "turn on" your integration?
    • Today, the most commonly supported way of doing this is having the Healthie customer request their API Key from Healthie which can then be shared with you. The customer will need to let us know they are requesting their API Key for a specific marketplace partner.
  • If you're sending data back into Healthie, where is the most appropriate place for that information to live?
    • There may be steps the practice can take to help make better use of your integration. For example, they could create Custom Metrics or buildout custom Forms in our forms builder. It helps to talk to the practice about their desire for discrete data coming back into Healthie, or you can share information back in as a PDF in the Documents section of Healthie.
  • What Healthie functionality could be triggered based on your service being integrated into Healthie?
    • A common example in scheduling is when a patient self scheduling platform sends an appointment back into Healthie, appointment reminders are triggered to go out. For forms, Healthie may already be setup to trigger forms to go out for a designated appointment type.
  • Are there additional functionalities or workflows that should be triggered based on your platform's actions?
    • For example, when sending completed forms back into Healthie, should the integration automatically create a smart task for those results to be viewed?
  • Do customers need to visit your portal as well?
    • How will customers navigate from Healthie to your platform?
  • Is your platform both provider and patient facing? Should your help documentation be written for both providers and patients?
  • Often times, version 1 of the integration isn't the final state. How can we make the integration deeper?

Integration Best Practice Articles

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