Integration Best Practices: Forms and Patient Data

This article is for marketplace partners looking to integrate with either the forms functionality of Healthie, or patient data. Integrating with forms tools can help increase the patient experience, increase forms compliance, and streamline getting the needed data during the intake process.

Developer Resources

Timing of Data Collection

  • When is the form and patient data being collected?
    • If prior to the patient record being created within Healthie, such as a lead capture form on a marketing website, you will need to create a new patient with the appropriate mutation ( ) before you can add the completed forms or data to the patient's profile.

Triggering Forms to Go Out

  • Can I integrate with the scheduling tool to send out forms?
    • Yes, the webhook for appointment.created can be used where you can call the API to get the necessary information about an appointment needed to send out the appropriate form, including the appointment type ID, date and time, patient, and provider.

It’s important to note that forms can also be triggered within Healthie based on appointment type or a number of other factors. It’s important the practice checks these settings to confirm the patient isn’t being asked to complete multiples of the same form.

  • What other webhooks can we listen to in order to trigger forms?

Form Completion

  • Can I notify providers when forms are completed?
    • Yes, providers can be notified or assigned a task when a form is completed if you use the createTask mutation. 
      • Tip: Tasks can be created with higher or lower priority. Clinical assessment scores may fall in and out of expected ranges. Therefore, if a client scores extremely high on a PHQ9, a task can be created with a higher level of priority.

  • Can Healthie handle forms that are scored and accept the scores of forms?
    • Yes, Healthie's own form builder has conditional logic and we can build scored forms. If the practice would like each answer to be sent back to Healthie, we may need to build this in the form builder on their behalf. If the practice would like to track scores over time, they can view scores via custom metrics. Use the createEntry mutation to send clinical assessment or other scores back into Healthie.
    • To learn more about metrics and custom metrics, read more here.

Sending Data Back to Healthie

  • What data is being collected?
    • Healthie has a number of standard fields that the platform can accept, ranging from date of birth to an open text box field for history. However, if your form is collecting discrete data for fields not standardized in Healthie, the practice needs to consider how they would like the data to be sent to Healthie.
    • You could send the data back in via PDF using the createDocMutation or you could send the discrete data back into Healthie by

Practices will need to create custom forms in Healthie's form builder in order to accept customized discrete data being pushed into Healthie.

  • What other data can be sent into Healthie regarding the patient?
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