Integration Best Practices: Scheduling

This article is for marketplace partners looking to integrate with scheduling and appointments on the Healthie platform. Integrating with the Healthie's scheduling platform can help practices integrate patient self scheduling tools, staff scheduling systems, appointment reminders, waitlist tools, and more.

Developer Resources

Calendar Settings in Healthie

Healthie's calendar is designed specifically to meet the needs, nuances, and special considerations for a health and wellness business. When integrating with Healthie's calendar it's important to keep in mind the over 35 custom settings organizations can enable/disable to meet their business's specific needs.

Learn More Here: Getting Started: with Healthie's Calendar

The most common Healthie articles on Scheduling and Availability can be found here.

Availability within Healthie

Provider availability within Healthie is important to allow functionality like patient self-scheduling. Providers can set up general availability or get more specific, such as availability based on appointment type and location.

Set and Remove Availability

Calendar availability is represented with the Availability object, and the full list of fields can be found here: (API Doc).

Availability in Healthie is found in the portal by selecting Calendar from the left sidebar and then selecting Availability at the top-left of the page.


The Appointment object is used for 1:1 appointments, group appointments, and a way to block an existing time of availability. The full list of fields, ranging from duration to appointment type, to attendees can be found here: (API Doc)

Below, is an example calendar that includes 1:1 and group appointments with highlights based on the visit type. The dark blue appointments are virtual, green are in-person, and the pink appointment is a group visit.

You can List, Create, Update, or Delete/Cancel Appointments via their respective mutations which start here: (API Doc)

Developer's Note: To see Healthie's repo and an example of using the API for patient self-scheduling please visit: (API Doc)

Workflow Considerations

Scheduling workflow considerations are perhaps the most impactful of the provider and clinician's experience as many items sequentially occur based on the booking of an appointment.

Appointment and Form Reminders: If your platform sends appointment reminders, confirmations, or form notifications, it is important that the provider turns Appointment Alerts off within Healthie's settings to prevent the patient from receiving two sets of notifications.

Appointment Based Forms: Healthie allows organizations to trigger forms to go out to patients based on appointment type and time-based settings. Additionally, an appointment type may move a patient's Group assignment which could lead to a form being sent. It's important you work with practice's to establish what forms may be set up natively with in Healthie.

Below you can see the notifications and forms set to go out for a sample appointment type within the Healthie platform.

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