Documents within a client's chart notes

The Healthie platform enables you to store private documents, specific to an individual client, within a client's record or directly upload a document to share with a client in their account. You can choose whether you'd like to keep a document loaded here private, or share with that specific client. 

These documents most commonly include: 

  • Lab reports or documents you have received from another medical company. 
  • Charting records you've received electronically (e.g., via E-fax)
  • Pictures or scans of files you take, that you'd like to permanently attach to a client's record

Note: This is a separate feature from Healthie's Main's Document's platform.

This article reviews:

  • How to upload a file to a client's Private Documents section
  • How clients can upload and share documents with you 
  • How to fax a document within a client's private record

How to upload a file to a client's Private Documents section 

Client > Client Profile > Charting > Upload private document > Select File > Upload

You then have the option to Share Document with this client. If you do this, they will receive an E-mail notifying them that you've shared a Document with them. If you do not share a Document with a client, they will not be able to view your upload, nor will they be notified you have uploaded a private document.  

You will then have the option of sharing that document with the client. 

Clients are also able to upload documents to share with you (that won't be shared with anyone else). 

When you view the document within the client's file, you will have the option to "Fax" that document as well. Simply press "Send Fax" to do so.