Appointments Settings

Within Healthie, the Account Settings section of an account enables account admins to customize both the provider and client experience within Healthie

Healthie's Calendar gives you the power to set your weekly and ad-hoc availability, embed Healthie onto your website, and sync the calendar with other calendars you use in your life, including iCal, Google, and Outlook. You can also configure over 25 settings to meet the needs of your specific workflows, including your locations, whether you'd like to allow for same-day appointments, a buffer time, e-mail and text reminders, and more. 

Access your appointments settings: Settings > Calendar > Appointment Settings

This article reviews the settings specific to Healthie's calendaring & appointments features. 

Overview: Appointments Settings Page

All of your default appointment settings can be found on your "Appointments Settings" page. This page is organized into groups of settings, including: 

  • General Availability 
  • Contact Types
  • Appointment Timing 
  • Appointment Alerts 
  • Confirmation & Cancellation 
  • Credits & Insurance 
  • Video Call Settings

Note: while these settings generally apply to all appointment types, they can also be configured on a per appointment-type basis. Learn more about Advanced Appointment Type Settings here

We'll walk through the details of these settings categories in the sections below.

General Availability 

Click "Edit" (pencil icon) and a side panel will display with the option for you to edit settings. 

Set Availability by Appointment Type

With this setting, you can turn on the option to create different availability for each of your appointment types. This can be particularly useful if you want to enable certain services to be available for clients to book on specific days/times. 

For example, you can open availability on Wednesday mornings for body composition testing. 

Or you can use this setting to better structure your day. Perhaps you want to set availability every morning for discovery calls, and leave the afternoons open for only existing (follow-up) clients to book. 

More information can be found here

To request this advanced setting be enabled for your account, please email 

Set Availability by Location 

If you have physical office(s) in which you see clients, you can add your locations, as well as rooms within a location, which populate as you create a session. The location also appears in client confirmation and appointment reminder e-mails. 
Navigate to Calendar > More > Appt Locations to view locations you have listed on your schedule, as well as add new appointment locations and rooms. 

If you modify appointment locations, upcoming appointments will automatically be updated with the location information you have replaced. 

More information can be found here
To request this advanced setting be enabled for your account, please email 

Set Availability by Contact Type

Within Healthie, appointments can be designated as a video call, in-person session, or phone call. These designations are referred to as contact types (see more details in the section below). 
An advanced availability setting allows providers to set availability on their calendar based on contact type. For example, Monday mornings can be reserved for video call appointments only, and Tuesdays & Thursdays open for in-person sessions. This allows providers to better control their calendar and appointment workflows. 
More information can be found here
To request this advanced setting be enabled for your account, please email 

Contact Types

Within Healthie, you have the options to set up appointments to meet generally as a: 

  • Healthie Video Call 
  • In Person 
  • Phone Call 

By default, all of these contact type options will be available for your appointment types, unless you edit your appointment type directly. You can drag and drop the order in which these appear to clients when they book with you. 

You can also deselect any of these options and they will no longer display as a contact type for any existing or new appointment types. For example, if you are a 100% virtual practitioner, you can deselect "In Person" on a global level. 


  • If you are offering In-Person appointments, you would need to set up your locations and rooms which can be done here.
  • If you offer Phone sessions, you can designate if clients should call the provider, or the provider will call the client. 
    • If the provider will call the client, the client will be prompted to enter their phone number when booking the session
    • If the client will call the provider, the client will see the number to call at the time of their session
  • You can also set the contact type on a per appointment type basis. Customize your appointment types here

Appointment Timing 

Adjust settings that pertain to the times that appointments can be booked, how far in advance, and more. 

Same Day Appointments

Enable or disable the ability for clients to book same-day sessions with you (e.g., book an appointment for later today). 

Appointment Buffer

Set a minimum time in between sessions, to prevent back to back appointments and enable you to save time for charting and follow-up before a client is able to book.  

Only Allow Appointment at Specific Intervals 

This setting will affect the timing of appointments, and can help you control when an appointment will start. The options include: 

  • Allow any interval (clients can book at any time that falls within the hours of your availability)
  • Every 5 minutes (ie. appointments starting at 3:00, 3:05, 3:10, etc will display to be booked) -
    • Note: This setting is currently available for customers on Healthie Enterprise Plans only. Please email to have this setting enabled for your account. 
  • Every 20 minutes (ie. only appointments starting at 3:00, 3:20, 3:40, etc will display to be booked). 
  • Every 30 minutes (ie. only appointments starting at 3:00 and 3:30 will display to be booked) 
  • Every 45 minutes (ie. only appointments starting at 3:00, 3:45, 4:30, 5:15, 6:00 will display to be booked) 
  • Every hour (ie. only appointments starting at 3:00 and 4:00 will display to be booked)

Minimum Time in Advance

Use this feature to set a minimum number of time/days that someone can book a session with you, to add near-term predictability to your schedule. 

  • No Limit 
  • 30 minutes before 
  • 1 hour before 
  • 3 hours before 
  • 9 hours before 
  • 12 hours before 
  • 1 day before 
  • 2 days before 
  • 3 days before 
  • Ongoing minimum number of days 

Maximum days in advance

Use this feature to set a "cap" on the number of days in advance that someone can book a session with you. For example, if today is July 1st, and you set a maximum days in advance of 15 days, clients will not be able to book a session with you after July 14th. Clients will not see available times past their maximum booking date, but you will still be able to book a session further in advance than this restriction.

Please keep in mind that if a maximum days in advance date is something low (e.g., 3 days) you can run into an issue where there appear to be no available time slots, particularly if you sync a calendar with Google, iCal, or Outlook calendars. 

Calendar Display Hours

Select the hours to display when setting weekly availability and where your calendar should start by default. For example, if you only hold office hours from 9am-5pm, you can set your calendar to these hours, and no longer view times outside of this schedule. When you adjust hours in this setting, your Main Calendar view will change to show only these hours.

Appointment Alerts 

Control which types of automatic notifications, including emails and SMS text, that clients will receive upon booking. 

Learn more: Appointment Reminders to Clients

Send Initial Notice Email to Clients 

Turn this setting on to automatically send clients an invite email when you schedule an appointment with them. 

Client Email & Text Reminders 

You are able to set e-mail and / or text reminders for appointments made through Healthie for the following frequencies (select any combination of options):  

  • One hour before 
  • Two hours before 
  • One day before 
  • Two days before 
  • Three days before 
  • Four days before

You are able to customize the text of e-mail confirmation and reminder messages, and here is some information about SMS reminders.

Client Intake Form Reminder

You can also set an e-mail reminder to go out if a client has not completed intake forms, 2 days prior to an appointment. If you enable this setting, then if a client has intake forms that are marked as "required" that have not been completed, they will receive a reminder to complete them. 

Confirmation & Cancellation 

Control whether clients can cancel or reschedule services with you and more. 

Here is a detailed overview of Appointments Settings: Confirm, Cancel, Reschedule

Clients Can Cancel Appointments 

If this setting is turned on, clients are able to cancel appointments that are scheduled with you. 

If this setting is turned off, a client who tries to press the "Cancel" button for an appointment will see text appear (when they hover on the button) that tells them to contact you if they want to cancel an appointment. 

Clients Can Reschedule Appointments 

If this setting is turned on, clients are able to reschedule appointments that are scheduled with you. 

If this setting is turned off, a client who tries to press the "Reschedule" button for an appointment will see text appear (when they hover on the button) that tells them to contact you if they want to reschedule an appointment. 

Require Clients to Confirm your Appointments 

Automatically ask clients to confirm appointments that you schedule for them. 

Automatically Confirm Appointments 

When enabled, any clients that book an appointment with you will see that their appointment is confirmed by your business. Keep this setting off if you'd like to review your appointment requests and confirm them manually. 
On your calendar, you can quickly filter and view any appointments that are not confirmed. 

Payments and Credits

There are two sets of important settings within the Payments and Credits Section: Pricing for Appointments and Client Credits. 

Pricing per Appointment Type Setting

Healthie supports the ability for providers to set a price per appointment type and automatically charge clients for completed sessions. When this setting is enabled, providers will be able to add a specific price for each appointment within their Appointment Type Settings

Learn more about this functionality here: Automatically Schedule Charges for Appointments

Client Credits Settings

A detailed review of the Client Credits System and related settings can be found here: Client Credits System

Video Call Settings

Healthie makes it easy to offer virtual-first care services by supporting a number of ways to connect with clients virtually. Customize your video call settings to meet the workflow needs of your business. 

Learn more: Video Call Settings

Additional resources

Join a Healthie Live Class to learn more about setting up your Healthie account and engaging with clients. Make the most of the Healthie platform with these free live tutorials, open to all Healthie members. 

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