Deep-dive: Appointment Settings

Healthie's Calendar can be customized to meet the needs of individual providers and group practices. In this article, we walk through the Appointment Settings Tab, which is accessible within Calendar > More > Appointment Settings. 

You will be able to customize elements like: your appointment hours, your locations (especially helpful if you have multiple offices), whether or not you want to allow same day appointments, buffer (time you want to have between booked appointments), e-mail and text confirmations and reminders, and more. 

Appointment Hours: Extend or Shorten Your Availability Window

Looking to adjust your calendar to include more or few hours? Adjust your appointment hours. Your calendar will adjust to display hours accordingly.
Note: In order to book appointments for certain hours, you must ensure that you have adjusted your appointment hours first. 

Adding / changing office locations

If you have a physical office, or multiple locations, add your locations. Locations will populate as you create an appointment, set appointment types, and on your Healthie calendar. The location will also appear in client confirmation and appointment reminder e-mails. 
If you change offices, you can adjust addresses here. Note: upcoming appointments with your current location will be updated on your calendar, if you modify your office locations.

Appointment types: Order

You can enable / disable clients from booking with you in person, by phone, or on a video call; if you would like to order these drop down options as they appear to clients, please toggle the Appointment Types: Order. That way, when a client books, they'll see your preferred method of communication first. 

Maximum days in advance

Use this feature to set a "cap" on the number of days in advance that someone can book a session with you. For example, if today is July 1st, and you set a maximum days in advance of 15 days, clients will not be able to book a session with you after July 14th. Clients (as well as providers) will not see available times past their maximum booking date. 

Please keep in mind that if a maximum days in advance date is something low (e.g., 3 days) you can run into an issue where there appear to be no available time slots, particularly if you sync a calendar with Google, iCal, or Outlook calendars. 

Default Charting Template

In the charting section you determine which form you want to see first. The default is ADIME but you can have one of your custom forms appear first. 

Appointment Confirmation and Reminder  (E-mails and Texts) 

Healthie makes it easy for providers to set and automate appointment reminders, via e-mail or text. 

You will be able to set up an e-mail and /or text reminder for 1, 2, 3 or 4 days in advance. 

Disable no-credit booking

Keep clients from booking with you, unless they have purchased a package with you, by checking this box. If you check this box, and a client tries to book an appointment, they will be prompted to select a package to purchase first. 

Disable same-day booking

Manage your schedule and avoid "surprise appointments" by disabling the ability for clients to book an appointment same-day

Check "Disable same day appointment" to prevent clients from being able to book with you same day.