How clients access programs

Programs are designed for your clients to complete independently. The content that you've included in your program will be dripped out at the cadence you've indicated. Your client must use their Healthie Client Portal in order to view all of the module content types and can do so by logging in from their computer of the Healthie mobile app. 

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Program email notifications to clients

Once a client has been added/enrolled into a program they will start getting email notifications every time new content is shared with them. If you've created a "Fixed Start" program, the time that you selected as the start of your program (ie. 11 am) will be the time that each new module becomes available to your enrolled participants. 

Viewing different module content types 

If your module is an "email" content type, then the email will display in its entirety for your client to view. 

Documents, videos, and forms, however, will not display in your client's email. They will receive an email notification alerting them to a new module that is available, and they will click a button "View New Module" that will bring them into their Healthie Client Portal. They will need to login (either on desktop or mobile). 

Accessing Programs on mobile 

Clients are able to complete a program when logged into their Healthie Client Portal on their computer, or from the Healthie mobile app. Any new clients that have purchased your program through a package will automatically receive an email prompting them to download the Healthie app. You can share the help article below with your clients if they need help downloading or logging into their account: 

Healthie iOs and Android App (for clients)

Once logged into the Healthie app, your client can access their program by:

  • Clicking the hamburger menu (the 3 lines) on the top-left of the app 
  • Select "Programs" from the menu 
  • Tap the program they want to view 

All available program modules will be displayed. Your client can tap the module to see details. Modules that they have not yet started will show as "Start" while completed modules are marked "Completed." As your client access modules and completes any included work, you'll be able to keep track of their progress

Client access to a program that has ended

Once a client has completed a Program, they will continue to have access to the Program Content, until you manually remove a client from a Program. Learn how you can remove a client from a program here

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